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Knife Review : CRKT Swindle–CRKT-Ken-Onion-Swindle-Knife-Folder–15378

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Lol cutlerylove r u not wearing any bottoms and that's y u didn't show us in the beginning of the video for the pocket clip. I'm just playing around sorry but I gotta say I love ur videos keep them going brotha

Beautiful knife, but an abundance of negative reviews of the pocket clip makes me look the other way. I would even bought the knife if there was no clip at all. This "new" pocket clip design ruins the enjoyment of this remarkable looking tool.

I got one yesterday and the pivot screw/pivot just spins freely, I can't tighten or loosen it and the lock fails to engage unless you flip it open with force. Making the knife unsafe and unusable. I really like the look and feel, but looking at amazon reviews it looks like this is a common problem.
Was wondering if anyone that ordered one from CRKT or a place like bladehq, had the same issues

its a great knife..i had just gotten a Foresight, ans wanted to get another IKBS..and this type knife (jacknife or Barber razor type) is really rare and fun to handle.
i did manage, without knowledge, get a first production..has a ribbed handle style..if you ever had a Ken Onion you will appreciate the knifes he makes. I know some say, is it really that different,? and is. the knifes have an intrinsic value of fun and you find yourself feeling luke a kid again..who got that Hotwheel or Matchbox car that you have been waiting for and just had to have (and 40 years latsr you probably still do) its blade style is especially cool and like all of Kens designs not only pretty they are immediately utilitarian and are almost like a magnet to stuff that needs cutting. Hold on, and let this knife lead the way.

I carried this knife for over a year and a thing I want to point out is that the pocket clip will make a hole in your pants after a while where the checkered pin sits against your pants. The clip however functions perfectly. It's a secure hold but also very easy to get out of the pocket. The flipper is great. Never had any issues with it. The slim form makes you able to use your pocket without noticing it's there when digging through your pocket. It's definately not the best knife I've ever owned, but it's a decent knife and if you like the looks I will recommend it.

A concern some people have is the blade being close to the edge when closed. You can feel the blade but it's not really an issue.

got the knife yesterday and started carrying it today. definitely a cool knife. as you mentioned, the pocket clip may be hard to get used to.

The knife does not run on IKBS, it is a cheap caged bearing system. I have the ribbed version and it is utter crap.

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