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Helle Lappland Knife Review

Take a look at Helle’s biggest knife, the Lappland. Features include a 8.5in12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blade, razor sharp scandi grind, mirror polish and a spectacular leather sheath.

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I have one and its the best knife i have ever had so far.It is a traditional Sami knife and i have some Sami blood in my veins so i have to love this knife but i would love it anyway.Only thing is be careful if you are usually usig knives with finger guards,there is a Strømeng special edition for the Norwegian military in this style but they incorperated a finger guard.Mine was sharp enough but could have been sharper,i will use it for a while and then i will shapen it properly myself,cant shave with it out of the box so to speak.The steel quality is fantastic if you ask me and the blade sits soo well in the handle.

hello, can you or someone tell me if Helle Lappland is comparable with Knivsmed Stromeng leuku in terms of performance and durability? thanks

I'm buying this knife for sure (i'm Norwegian so it's easy for me to Get my hands on this Great made samii knife) and Great review👍🏽

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