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Bob Ross Palette Knife Review

Bob Ross Oil Painting Palette Knife

On the hunt for a oil painting palette knife that will work best for your wet on wet oil painting needs? The Bob Ross palette knives are your answer. This palette knife is the perfect tool to create mountains, clouds, land and beyond. If you are new to oil painting or perhaps you want to make an upgrade in your oil painting tools. The Bob Ross palette knife is one of the best investments you can make to up your wet on wet oil painting game. This tutorial is perfect for anyone wanting to expand there wet on wet oil painting adventure!


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Items used:

Bob Ross #10 Palette Knife:
Bob Ross #5 Palette Knife:

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Repino Palette Knife Set:
Artist Loft Palette Knife:

Video Gear Used:

Canon SL2 Camera:
TakStar SGC-598 Mic:
Neewer LED Ring Light:
Lights & Green Screen:

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Make sure to check out show notes in the video details for helpful links and where to grab supplies used in the video πŸ’ͺ

Palette knives are supposed to be sharp for scraping and even chipping off paint. I would much rather have a sharp knife because a dull knife could actually mess your canvas up because you have to apply more pressure and you have more risk of poking your canvas.

Hey Wild, is the BR Palette knife made in Japan or China? I'm just wondering because I do know for a fact that Martin F. Weber Co is an American company and the products there are made in the US and I've been seeing reviews on Amazon about the knives being made in those two countries.

I got the Micheal knife and it work great after few practice paints. I master the knife. Do wish it was straight line at times now. Looking to add to my collection with the Ross knife's.

A good tool lasts for a while.
If it is too professional it may be good to start , but yeah starting from easy is not as bad of an idea.

Also, I have found that being a girl with smaller hands, the small palette knife works best for me. Maybe after more experience the larger will be more friendly. πŸ™‚

Awesome videos! I am so glad that I recently discovered you. I watched Bob Ross originally years ago, always thought it looked so awesome and last fall I started shopping for products. At that time, Hobby Lobby had a lot of Bob Ross and I ended up with the master kit at 1/2 off as well as some of the extra paints not included, 1/2 off.
I have done 2 paintings so far, not bad considering my artistic talent is limited to stick figure & smiley faces.
But now I want to go further and am shopping for additional extras – some brushes and more paint, especially titanium white and the gessos.
To my dismay, our Hobby Lobby isn't carrying a single Bob Ross product anymore.
So, what are alternatives out there that are as budget friendly as possible and will still do wet on wet?
Thanks bro! Keep the videos coming!

Thank you for the review. I picked up the Michael's knife the other day to try as I struggled with the Bob Ross one as a beginner. Any chance you could do a paint review? I have the Bob Ross set but will be running out within the next painting or two. I know his paints are thicker/and dryer then most oil paints. Have you found a cost effective alternative for the wet on wet style. And if so possibly do a review? Thanks again for a great video.

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