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Wilson Combat EDC X9 | First Mag Review

Wilson Combat EDC X9

Sometimes you walk into the gun store and fall in love at first sight. The Wilson Combat EDC X9 is that gun for me. I walked in and knew immediately I wanted it. The question now is, has the honeymoon period worn off? That’s the questions I’ll try to answer in this episode of First Mag.


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If I Only Had OnE Concealed Carry

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10 replies on “Wilson Combat EDC X9 | First Mag Review”

Wanted one since I first read about it,.. wish I could afford one now,.. hope I can still get one next year

Lol i have shot 1911 so much i had to order my m&p with a safety. I tried a glock but no place for my thumbs.

Feels as good as a 19x hahahahhaha you have become a glocktard. Any CZ except for P10c feels better than a 19x and you know it

Colion, you are an awesome dude, but, please stop snatching the gun back towards yourself after almost every time you shoot. It makes you look really dumb and like you are trying to be "tacticool".

I had to click off as soon as you went all Glock fanboi. All Glocks feel like you're holding a brick, and yet you compare this Wilson to it.

yes ur new toy is very nice and I would own one but for the cost , as always great video , keep up the good work šŸ˜‰

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