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Bushcraft Equipment: Brisa Nessmuk 125 Knife Review | Nessmuk Knife | Knife Review | Woodsman

Hi folks, in this video I review the Nessmuk 125 knife that Brisa Ltd sent to me about 2 months ago. Since then I have used it for a variety of task to test it’s capabilities and learn it’s pro’s and con’s as a bushcraft knife. I hope you like the video folks, I’m really thankful for you taking the time to watch. If you liked the video could you please give it a thumbs up and share it. Please leave a comment and if you’d like to subscribe, then hit the subscribe button and the notification bell to be alerted of my next video. Thank-you for watching… take care.

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6 replies on “Bushcraft Equipment: Brisa Nessmuk 125 Knife Review | Nessmuk Knife | Knife Review | Woodsman”

What a coincidence, just yesterday I picked up George W. Sears book – otherwise I would not have even known what a "Nessmuk" is hahaha. For those who don't – read the book, the first 40 pages already are worth it. 🙂

Looks like a lovely knife, but I guess it is quite a challenge to resharpen that due to the geometry, isn't it?

Great review Andy 🙂 Good, honest and thorough.
I like Enzo knives anyway. I keep looking at the trapper. But the Nessmuk shape has always seemed interesting.
Keep up the great work mate, all the best, Mark 🙂

Yes a very peculiar shape Andy but I do like it. I baton with a knife and that shape I feel would do the job for me. Nice little review bud.

Nice video Andy of a nice looking knife. Great to see that you used it before giving your honest opinion. I like Brisa as a company and have used them for a good few years now – the Nessmuk may well appear in my basket for checkout in the near future. Cheers.

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