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Tops Wind Runner XL Hunting Knife Review

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26 replies on “Tops Wind Runner XL Hunting Knife Review”

Like the knife & the presentation. Only one critique is that .19” is NOT ‘almost a quarter inch’ – it’s 3/16”
That aside, new sub here.

Jimping or whatever you call it in the English is also good for Flint-Steel for starting fire, it really bites and if i buy a knife which doesn't have it, i grind it in but then usually just one.

Ya, the X's need to be taken out of the vid, super loud and annoying while trying to watch the review… Just annotate my friend, no need for the noise! Lol

Good job on the review,but I'm not big on the knife.Tops gets crazy with the jimping, and that weird ass looking tang doesn't do it for me.Keep up the good reviews,but ask someone to send you some better knives.

Hey man, great video. It seems a bit large for a Skinner. I think I would prefer the smaller version. But what brand/model of camo pants are you wearing?

Do you have any other knives that are alike this one in that they have the "sweeping belly" I love the shape of that knife and I would love to have a smaller hiking knife/camping knife, I looked through your knife playlist and I couldn't find one, then again I didn't look that hard. Thank you, I absolutely love your videos and I will continue to watch them, I absolutely love how you only review things that you would invest in yourself, (except that battlebox mission 28, but you didn't pay for it so that doesn't really count) I hate it when other people review things that they hate, I say "why even review it if our hate it"
Thanks Ben, love your vids keep them up please

I'd have to agree with another comment, that knife is just not a deer knife. It's too big, got the recurve, etc. The Bark River Fox River or Bravo 1.25LT would work better, something in 3V or more rust resistant material than 1095. The Wind River or whatever it is looks more like a survival blade. Suggest watching Virtuovice Videos on deer knives in Japan, he's got a lot of experience and shows his knives in use.

Big fan of the knife but not so much of the obnoxious xxx's. How about those multicam pants w/the TS logo… who is this?

As someone who does hunt large game, these large knives are really useless for dressing or skinning an animal such as a deer. The best thing I have found is the Fallkniven WM1 or better still the Havalon Piranta with disposable blades. What I've learned is you need a small sharp knife that's easy to control while your working inside the animal. You can then place your forefinger on the top and guide the blade easily. Even when skinning you are only using 1 or 2 inches of the curved skinning blade so the need for a large blade is pointless. Even to part out an animal I would prefer to have a boning knife (slender, flexible blade) to allow easy finding of joints and lots of control. I'd like to see someone attempt what this knife is marketed for compared to someone using the right tools. Just my opinion 🙂 Thanks for the video! Michael

I always loved this design and the new version looks even better with the scale color and blade finish!! Awesome video chief!

That's a real interesting design from TOPS. I've been looking at it, and I really can't tell if I like it or hate it… but I want it.
How have you been enjoying our "wonderful" Michigan Temperatures? Got down to a rather mild -16F (without the Wind chill) for me the other night…fun.

I know Chris Tanner mentions sharpening with a ceramic rod in some of his videos, from my experience, TOPS knives sharpen beyond scary with a ceramic rod.

that knife has a great profile for game processing!! looks great too. pair this puppy with an axe or a tomahawk and your good to go! I wish they did all their micarta scales that way.
I've noticed retail goes from $129.99-149.99. Not bad at all, wonder how it compares to the Silent Hero.

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