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Top Ten Knife Sales I Regret

Sometimes I have to sell stuff to keep the channel going. Sometimes I regret it.

Spyderco Shaman –

Spyderco Lil Native –

Benchmade Saibu –

Cold Steel AD-15 –

WE Knives Malice –

Hogue Ritter RSK MK1-G2 –

Benchmade 940-1 –

ZT 0393 SW –

Reate New Torrent –

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25 replies on “Top Ten Knife Sales I Regret”

Love my Malice, would never consider selling it. I'd probably never sell my Hogue Rittergrip either because I don't own a BM Ritter.

I think when you become more selective about initial purchases, the likelihood of selling them goes down.

The AD-15 is one I took around the building shrieking "look at it, it's awesome!" The only sale I regret is an old Brookes & Crookes but I learned a lot so it evens out.

Just got my hogue Ritter rsk mk1 today…finally! And to my surprise mine came blacked out with black blade and black pocket clip.

Hey Brian, what would be the best back up knife?… (Back up for heavy duty, urban setting, workhorse, gral., Etc) Could you tag others as well. Thanks man, I never miss your videos.

Thanks for the video. Some of those broke my heart to see on this list, but understand because I too have money tied up in knives I don't carry often enough.

This was a really interesting video. Thank you for this. As soon as I saw the title, I knew it was a must-watch. I've been hemming and hawing over getting an AD-15 or not, because it really intrigues me but I just don't ever really do big knives. I want a "bruiser" around for camping/hiking/wilderness trips, though. I'm 100% dyeing my scales blue immediately, though, so if I do sell it, I'll let you know haha.

I’m sure I will enjoy the anthem! Great video. I bet it’s annoying and difficult to have to constantly sell things to get new stuff for the channel. Do you have a limit to how many knives to like to keep in your permanent collection?

Queue the Wolverine holding a picture frame meme. Kidding, of course. Is it bad form if I watched this video while flicking my Spyderco Shaman sprint run? All jokes aside, I totally get the regret on most of these. I was on the fence for the St. Nick’s drop of the Lil Native (it’s probably too small for me), but I think you convinced me to give it is shot (if I can get one).

I have never sold a knife, I would like to sell quite a few that are just laid in a draw unused – which bothers me! but circumstances, mainly where I live, make it difficult, wouldn't even know how to go about selling a knife!

Dude please knock on doors to get a lil native so you can then influence flytanium to get scales going like lil old me has been trying to do forever whoa run on sentence I'm just going with it at this point but srsly get another lil native would ya!?

Man, I’ve been doing it all wrong. I’ve been selling after I buy. Oh and I don’t have a YouTube channel. My poor children and mom have to sit and listen to why I like this or that knife.

I've got a bunch for sale right now, and already miss some. Others not sold I'm sure not going to do a price drop. Only one knife I really, really regret selling – fell for a complete story "wedding present", guy bugged me for months. Totally tugged on my heartstrings, and just wanted it for trade bait. For a knife you can get anywhere no less. No way I can ever replace it for anything close to what I sold it (what I paid). Ugh.

Hi slicey i have a shaman with the dlc coating I never used bought it and hated it I'll sell it to you cheap .if you want I'll send u pics of it . I cant believe you sold the anthem you loved that knifei infact your review made me buy it .I'll even do a trade if u want I dont need the cash

I've got a list like this… but I'm a slow learner, I've been thinking of selling my Evo Typhoon.. I mean have you seen the Full size Todd Begg Steelcraft Bodega?..

I need to win the Lottery.. sigh

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