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The ultimate 5-day survival kit.

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Wool socks seem expensive, but they're actually cheaper. Considering how long they last, maintain quality, and function. After using for couple years they are still like brand new. A wool duvet-comforter is far superior to goose down. Even when wet they still work. Dust mite resistant. Wider range self-regulating temperatures from 60 degrees to below freezing. Wool wicks body odor far, far, far less than cotton.

Nice video! I have been trying to get all the gear ready to do the OBCDR. I Carry a small spray bottle with Dawn soap and water, works good for leak checks, lubing tires for mounting, cleaning goggles, and kills ticks, washing dishes. Very handy.

People on about his gun and going into Canada he has an American passport he’ll be fine. They will probably give him some ammo and shake his hand

A veteran company called Black Rifle Coffee also makes instant coffee sticks like Starbucks and their coffee is so much better.

strongly suggest getting a better usb charger cube. have ones i travel with that put through 3.5 Ah and car adapters that’ll do 4.5Ah. you’ll charge WAY quicker than using the cheap apple cubes!

How much money does all this cost? Please include the price of the pack, motorcycle, gun, ammo and everything so we know how much we will need to replicate this venture. I've camped in many Montana camps and always fear a Grizzly attack

Couldn't the shaking and rattling destroy the delicate automatic movement? Think I would have worn a quarts for bikeriding

I'm curious you said your going into Canada how are you going to take your pistol into Canada I believe that's illegal but then again you have to be caught

In Colorado I tend to use a hammock instead of a tent when backpacking. I just buy rip-stop material and make the hammock and rain-fly. The carabiners and cord outweigh the material. I bring the tent when car-camping but usually use the hammock anyway. Crocks > flippy floppys. I don't know who told you flops were manly footwear :p

~05:15 – I hope you realized already that gun carry laws in Canada are extremely limited/limiting and there's no way in hell that you'll be allowed to have that conceal and carry handgun anywhere in Canada without an extremely hard to get permit for which you have to convincingly demonstrate a need for it like a private security job with high risk etc. and go through all kinds of background checks and uncomfortable probes etc.

If you already somehow have one of those, please hook me up as there's no way in hell, especially with the current commie filth Canadian government in power, that a straight white CIS heterosexual male of Christian descent (if only culturally) is ever going to be allowed to have one of these, especially not in your case as you aren't a Canadian citizen, so I'm not only talking about myself here.

Your Glock will be a problem for you to take into Canada unless you applied to the Canadian government to take it in. Regardless, they do not allow civilians to own or use a handgun with a barrel less than 4.2" in length. I've hunted in Canada a few times, and taking a rifle in is relatively easy. Simply fill out the CA form 909 in triplicate and get the RCMP to inspect your firearm at the border. Incidentally, you might want to make sure you get the US Customs forms to document your property so that you can prove you owned it before you went into Canada. Back to handguns – I wanted to hunt bison with an S&W 500, but found I needed to get the Canadian government permission to take a handgun into Canada. At the time (2014) that process took about 90 days. So, I hope you have made plans to leave your Glock in the US before you cross over into Canada.

with your height, can you get garments to come in extra tall/length size? icebreaker merino wool t-shirt. Looked on webpage and fund none? Have trouble finding garments long/tall enough?

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