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SOG Field Knife Budget Friendly Fixed Blade!!

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22 replies on “SOG Field Knife Budget Friendly Fixed Blade!!”

I was looking into this knife for a while now. I go camping A LOT and Iā€™m looking for a good fixed blade. I think this knife might be the one for me. Thanks for the great review!

It is a great knife i have had one for the past year doing wilderness survival trips and it has not failed me yet. I agree with everything in this video its ups and its downs as well.

Nice one very nice video and you sold that knife very well.. As in useful no frills just a knife to d the job…keepup the good work…šŸ˜ƒ

Thx for the vid, I just made a purchase for this knife for a 3rd bug out bag. I didn't want something super expensive considering its the 3rd means of cutting in this kit. you did put it thru some intensive test and I'm happy to see the blade held up. Thx again!

I like simple knives sometimes. Like the out of production Kershaw Antelope Hunter 2 or a Mora knife or even the M-37N Seal Pup or Ace, which all feature a plastic or rubber type of handle with the blade embedded into it. They're knives that you can just wash or wipe clean and are useful, but affordable enough that one can buy them without too much concern and even buy a few extras for home, shop or emergency kits. They have lightweight comfortable handles. And anything made with stainless steel can be used as a food prep blade or for cutting rope, making notches or other tasks.
We don't have to have expensive knives for everything, every time, day in and day out.

so basically if you need a knife to edc in case you need to gut some fuckboy then this is perfect, thanks!

Doesnt come off your belt? My clips fails every time I put it on. I'm going to do a paracord wrap and grind the clip off.

Great review, I like that knife. You should do a follow up review of its cousin the SOG ACE, its sheath is even more compact with out the grommet holes and its a camo sheath but no pommel that extends out the handle.Ā  Handle on Sog Ace does not have any logo's also.

Looks like a nice budget knife to throw in a get home bag. You might never really need to use it much but it won't break the bank either. Nice review.

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