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Expendables 2 Bowie Knife Review – Gil Hibben Legionnaire Bowie Review

The Gil Hibben Bowie Knife From Expendables 2
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Yes I did say inch instead of centimetre 😂
That’s one thick ass blade! Pmsl!

Great knife, well made and doesn’t cost a fortune!
Looks good in any collection.

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20 replies on “Expendables 2 Bowie Knife Review – Gil Hibben Legionnaire Bowie Review”

I'm aware I said inch instead of centimetres, no need to comment on my dumb ass mistake haha
Actually Yeah feel free to comment haha

Bowie, pronounced Boo-Wee. Jim Bowie got a blacksmith in Washington, Louisiana to make his knife. Snow was the name of the blacksmith. Snow was a free slave that paid for himself to be free. Snow was a damned good blacksmith. Snow designed and made the knife for Jim Bowie. Jim Bowie lived in Opelousas, Louisiana at the time. Five miles due South of Washington, Louisiana. I lived there and I'm Cajun. Also made A's in history. Lol Unlike beliefs the Bowie knife looked like a large butcher knife but Jim knew how to use a blade. Killed two men and wounded a third all at the same time on a riverbank on the Mississippi river. Somebody you didn't want to fuck with.

It's terrible! !!! Not a bolster, it's a pommel. Get a cold steel recon tanto San mai. I use mine in the field. Love it to bits. I've bought them for my employee's. Thick, razor sharp from new, easy to sharpen and keeps its edge. Try one you will love it. Really good video, but I would keep away from film replicas.

its boo-wee but if your talking david then its bow – ee as for calling it a baweee i only heard people from the uk and aus say that lol

This Idiot tells us the blade is about 3/4 of and inch thick ( 2.26 ) What a Prick this guy is, It should be Illegal for a dick like him to even buy such a knife

Dude your funny, you could probably make some good money being a comedian…lol! Thanks for the video. It's a shame it's made in China, but if it were American made, most of us couldn't afford it!!

Hi mate, just to let you know that knife you have is a knockoff…its basically an unlicensed copy of the licensed United Cutlery version, that is licensed by Hibben Knives.

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