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CHROME Chef's Knife Bag Review + What's Inside?

I reviewed Chrome’s newest chef-focused bag, and these are my thoughts. Should you get this for your gear?

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The bag: – be sure to check out the videos with Chef Chris as well!

*I said all Chrome bags were made in America, yes this one definitely is, but not all of their products are US made. Wanna be fully transparent, sorry for the mis-read!

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30 replies on “CHROME Chef's Knife Bag Review + What's Inside?”

I always write my name on my sharpies and then covered with a piece of clear tape so it doesn't rub off.

I reached out to Chrome Customer Service to see if they plan on adding a shoulder strap to the bag. Unfortunately, they currently don't have any plans to add one despite it's what so many ppl have requested. One interesting suggestion is that they said trying visiting one of their hubs & talk to one of their in-shop bag makers in adding one. I'll pop into the Seattle hub and ask them after I get off work.

would this work to put it in a citizen messenger bag? because i would get that even thos its 280 for both them vs a GIMGIGE for 200 and thats a backpack with a knife roll

this bag is awesome, looking for a knife kit, my old ultimate edge deluxe is about 6 years old and the front is separating from the bag so looking for something else, but i dont want just a knife roll at the same time the briefcase design; sometimes i need to carry other stuff other then my knives and kitchen tools and i wont have room for that, so i guess i am still looking

I was curious myself to why it didn't have a shoulder strap. I went to the Chrome store downtown & the associate confirmed your assumption that it was meant to be stored in a backpack

7 minutes with car, 25 minutes on bicycle, 45 if i take the bus.
Never actually walked to work, it would take to long 😀

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