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TheApostleP Knife Service Rates & Services — Since 2013

“The Original” sharpening service of the online knife community. Serving you since 2013!

Here’s the link to TheApostleP Facebook page:

Rates (As of 5 August, 2019):

Folders under 5 in.: $20
Folders Over 5″: $30
Folder Spa Treatment: $ 5
Fixed under 5 in.: $20
Fixed 5-9 in.: $30
Fixed 9-15 in.: $40
Super Steels (Add) $ 5 (CPM S90V, S110V, Elmax, M390,
ZDP189,CTS 204P, CPM-20CV, CPM-
M4, HAP-40, Maxamet)

Tanto & Recurve (Add) $ 5

Chris Reeve Knives $30 (Includes Sharpen and Sebenza Spa)

Traditional Pocket Knives:
Main Blade (3″ or less) $15
Main Blade (Over 3″) $20
Secondary Blades (ea.) $10

Blades 3” or Less: $20
Blades Over 3”: $25

$8 (USPS Small Flat Rate Box)
$14 (USPS Medium Flat Rate Box)

** Multiple knives that will all fit one appropriate box will
only require one return shipping charge.

Method of Payment:
— Cash or check in box with knives

Shipping Address:
Rob Bixby
TheApostleP Knife Service
P.O. Box 605
Auburn, IN 46706

** IF SHIPPING UPS or FedEx **
Rob Bixby
TheApostleP Knife Service
201 South Jackson St. #605
Auburn, IN 46706


Call or Text: 260-385-9477

26 replies on “TheApostleP Knife Service Rates & Services — Since 2013”

Rob has sharpened around 7-8 knives for me over the past 2 years. Spyderco, Fallkniven, Cold Steel. Steels including S35VN, VG-10, M390, S90V, and Cobalt. He’s also fixed a broken tip on my
Para 3-M390 and modified the backlock on my cold steel goldeneye-cf so as to ‘soften’ the disengagement. All of his work has been of exceptional quality!! I most highly recommend Rob’s services!!

I'm a beginner knife sharpener. Someday I hope to be as good at this as you are. Thanks for this channel!

I have sent both folders and fixed blades to Rob and he puts on a far superior edge then any of the manufactures do. Most of the top knife manufactures come with a very toothy edge. Rob sends them back with a very nice polished edge.

Congratulations on following the path the Lord had paved for you. The Spirit compelled you to leave the car business. As scary as it must be to change careers trusting HIM worked out marvelously it appears. 👍🏼

Thanks Rob, for every thing you do and the standards by which you operate. Your channel set a benchmark that many of us knife guys appreciate and watch religiously. Always the gentleman and voice of reason you became the arbitrator for many heated discussions and authoritative voice of reason on the subject. I never met you but know we are friends, because we both value many of the same concepts about life and love of The Message. The courage you show and the efforts you make, to awaken your audience has not been practiced in the West for many years but is not a waste as we see the need grow every day. God Bless You and Yours and I wish you every bit of continued success in the years to come. Thankyou for the standards by which you operate and the sparkling edges you have created for so many. This has lit the path for many modern knife fans and moved a new generation toward a greater satisfaction in the hobby. Keep safe.

Question for anybody:
Rob refers to knives “Chris Reeves Sebenza or other models with bushing style pivot”.
I have tried searching and I haven’t been able to find any other knife besides the Sebenza which uses this style of pivot. Failing to find something and it not existing are two very different things. What other models CRK or otherwise have this?

Which steel would be best if I personally wanted to maintain your edge BETWEEN sending the knife back to you for resharpening? I would be using the Spyderco Sharpmaker. (S30VN, S35vn, S110V)

Rob does a great job sharpening your knife and getting the bevels symmetrical for future maintenance. On the VERY rare occasion that he makes a mistake, He takes responsibility and makers it right. He's done over 50 knives for me so far…thanks Rob.

I don't care what anyone says about your views/opinions, your services are always excellent. Edges from you are consistenly perfection, and your knife sales are accurate to the T. Keep up the good work, amigo.

Anybody with a Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter I highly recommend the Apostle P Ultimate Hunter package with sharpening and finger choil added. Makes it such a much better knife to use

I just purchased a Cold Steel Code 4 from ApostleP during a consignment sale which already had his edge on it. Just received it in the mail yesterday and it is honestly the sharpest knife I have ever held in my hand. And seeing myself in the mirror reflection was pretty cool too 😁

Thank you Rob for the knife services, which are top notch and the You tube presentations of your life and times and Christian beliefs, which are priceless.

Shame this isn't an apology video to the several guys you insulted,,
Instead it's a plain old
"big up yourself" self advertisement,,, !
As a "holy man" , you should learn some humility,
I've watched your channel for several years, and now I'm going to un-subscribe..
Goodbye, you hypocrite.

Sent Rob a couple of my more expensive Benchmade knives and he did not disappoint. Excellent sharpener!

This guy is a jewel! He is trustworthy and talented. It’s too bad knife makers can’t send their knives as so sharp as the edge Apostle P provides!

I just got back my Spyderco military from the Apostle and It’s the first time I ever sent a knife out to him, will be getting much more business in the near future the job was amazing 🙂

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