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The Bahco Chisel Knife: A Practical Application Review

This could be the answer to the endless debate about batoning your knife.

I don’t do traditional “reviews”. I purchased this, I use this, and I like this. My reviews are based solely on actually using the item for survival tasks, which is why I specify that these are practical application “reviews”.

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12 replies on “The Bahco Chisel Knife: A Practical Application Review”

I have no problem batoning with my Becker BK 2. I removed the paint from mine and it seems to slice through easier. I like the way that steel sharpens also. I too like carbon steel like you do. And I've had my Mora Companion for a very long time. Love me some Scandi grind. Take care.

I have the othed version of this knife with a curved end ground on both sides it can be brought to ouch sharpness you basically get an ultra thick Mora

Josh, I totally agree with you that routinely using a knife for batoning is taking a needless chance. Other tools, like the chisel knife, a hatchet, or a thick chopper knife/machete are better suited for the task. Very good. Thank you very much

Dude i really enjoy your videos, you definitely know what you're talking about and on top of that, you have a pretty cool dog; It'sit a German shepherd or Belgian malanois?

Heck yeah I found one of them on Amazon was gona keep it with my carving kit But think now might just be my 3rd pack cary the mora brand will clip on to some other mora knifes for a double carry clips onto the mora pro sheath that Little things a beast👍

Just found your channel and I am very glad I did. Excellent vids on great topics. A suggestion for a future vid. What EDC cutting instrument would you carry THAT IS TSA COMPLIANT AND WILL GET YOU BY THE SECURITY CHECKS AT MOST PUBLIC VENUES. I have successfully used utility knife replacement blade taped to back of a credit card, mini trauma shears etc. I got tired of getting hassled over a small SAK. I am NOT trying to bust your chops. It is a serious question what type of cutting instrument can you carry, maybe you can’t, that is both TSA compliant and effective. I personally would be very interested in that video. Thanks J

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