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Schrade SCHF16 Neck Knife Review – Survival Gear

The Schrade SCHF16 Neck Knife is surprisingly capable for such a small blade. With G-10 handles and a solid feel, this full tang blade packs a lot of punch into a small package. It’s balanced too!

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24 replies on “Schrade SCHF16 Neck Knife Review – Survival Gear”

Hello Sir , I hope all is well with you. I just received this schrade knife in the mail today ! I ordered it mainly because of your review. I love this little neck knife! It is exactly what I hoped it would be , and it came shaving sharp. Thanks for your awesome review!

I bought the schf57 after u saw your review last year but this looks better! How does it compare to the 57?

I like that little blade. You could do more with it than a folding knife, and they are about the same size. I want a neck knife, and looked at the Tops MSK, but the handle is so small on it. This SCHF16 looks like a good option. Thanks.

I use a CRKT minimalist . But you sold me on it. I like 2 styles of blades per the heavy and light application. 2 field, 2 defensive, and  2 neck. Thanks for the vid!

I use this knife everyday, i love it. ty for reviewing it cuz i bought it based on your vid. btw I got it for a whopping $11.99

I love this knife. It throws sparks from a ferro rod extremely well!
Good review, thanks Brian

This knife is great. I used one to strip a large birch tree (bark). Using a smaller knife with a smaller blade gives you a lot of control, larger knives did not work.

I am really glad you did this review. I have one of these and I just love it. It's great for a fire kit, and it is a great kitchen tool for slicing and chopping. I never thought about batoning with it, but good to see it works. Keep on rockin'.

This is an Ok knife for $21 USD on Amazon. Nothing new and comes with the unnecessary for a small knife full-tang. This is done to most knives these days to market them better. IMO their are better , lighter, and more inexpensive options out there like the Mora Basics and the Marttiini Little Classic Knife.
"Taylor Brands, LLC., purchased the rights to the brand name and still produces knives in the Schrade patterns, but all current Schrade knives are made in China."

Got a SCHRADE SCHF16 coming in today along with a TEK LOC to make it more versatile. I could wear it as a neck knife or on my belt. Think it will work out great. BTW love your Channel.

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