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Higo No Kami Knife Review. A $20 hand made friction folder from Japan

The Higo No Kami is about as budget of a hand made knife you can buy. Reportedly these are all hand made by one knife maker in Japan. The Higonokami friction folding blade traces it’s roots back to 1896, and it seems to be made in the same traditional way. My review covers the basics of this classic pocket knife. So I hope you can watch it.

You can buy the XL version here:
The Medium version here:
Small version:

The Higonokami story:

Video about the maker:

Steel thread:

12 replies on “Higo No Kami Knife Review. A $20 hand made friction folder from Japan”

1:36 Had me laughing off my ass initially, come on, kinda true if you think about it! But I really liked the review and will come back for more, nice job. May just pick one up as a nice traditional piece for the collection.

This didn't suck, and you didn't f-up like others and say it was somehow "stainless". So, I'm subbed to your channel, bro. I mean Bro.

that kind of edge needs protection and care.. problem might be that most people would see 20$ thing as disposable item.

Garbage review.
Dude… Paper and steel alloy? What!?
Go find the manufacturer's site and get some real info on the knife.
Also, a quick Google search of Blue Paper Steel tells you about the traditional Japanese steel.

Just picked a couple of knives made by Aritsugu in Kyoto in the Higo no Kami style. The blades are no joke on these things! Highly suggest the Aritsugu variant if you can find it. They've been making sharp things out of steel since the 16th century. You don't last that long for nothing.

These can hold a scary sharp edge, but why would I want anything this crap to have a sharp edge on it? I have a few Japanese blades, but rather better than this and much, much more expensive! ….also a bit longer, usually 27” or so!

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