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ExoTac Ripspool Survival Field Repair Kit Review

ExoTac Ripspool Survival Field Repair Kit Review
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50″ of Duct Tape
60″ of Braided fishing line
#16 Sail Needle
Firecord Lanyard
Aluminum Water Proof Case

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26 replies on “ExoTac Ripspool Survival Field Repair Kit Review”

Brother, not everything is worthy of your thumbs up. I'm a little surprised that you would even present this. It chews away at YOUR credibility when you do stuff like this. This product is for suckers.

It’s nice looking but WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. You can use a pill bottle that come in many different sizes and you can buy an “O” ring that fits the pill bottle and now you have a great waterproof container for a grand total of 0.5 cents for the “O” ring. I think I will fill it with a few cheap items and sell them for $10.00👍😊

I would get one if the added a second spool on the other end with some wire on it, still a cool product

Very nice on adding the safety pins, if you've ever had your button on your pants "leave you" you'll appreciate having something to hold them together until you can sew a new one on! Keep walking with our KING!

50 inches of duct tape? maybe you mean 50 feet? That spool looks a bit larger for it just to be 4 feet of tape…just curious. I saw this on another video and really thought it was a great idea for a camping pack.

EXOTAC – for when you decide you need overpriced useless Gucci gear more then your own money…. $30 SMH.

Talk about overkill

Slide a couple needles into some corrugated card, tape over the ends and wrap in thread. A sewing kit for a fraction of the size and cost. Wrap some duct tape around a piece of card or the middle of a q-tip and you're set there.

This is just a waste of space and money. It's needlessly overbuilt and borderline useless. Sewing with fishing line is a nightmare, just carry thread

Or just throw a roll of duct tape and a spool of braided line and mono with a pack of needles into your pack. Doesn't take up any room at all and it's way cheaper.

30 bucks? lol, go to Walmart and get all that stuff for 5 bucks…..oh wait you don't get a cool aluminum cylinder. So sick of these manufactures trying to rape us. Even sootch "whos reviewing it," found a cheaper way to do things.

Braided monofilament line really? How can a line be braided if it's a monofilament? Sounds like the sensible prepper needs to go fishing more often…

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