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Emergency Vehicle Survival Kit 2016

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Why would anyone listen to a fatass about anything related to survival. Make a video on what the best strategy for eating cheeseburgers is. Or what the best peanut butter to jelly ratio is

Why is it that all these preppers be having all these items such as gloves and never are the items dirty or used. Like do daily maintenance every happen where you might have to use something lol. And where do you put groceries lol. Good vid bro bro, hope you go hiking up hill a lot to train your body for all that weight you are going to be carrying

Good job! Maybe add a box of ammo for your small arm, a poncho for cover and some Benadryl for your bug bite kit.

I guess this is what a male would have think of in case for emergency, gadgetssssss ; )…for female I believe what is inside the glove box is also important, an extra mobile phone with a prepaid SIM, a glass breaker, an umbrella or rain coat in case heavy rain fall when car tyre need a change, emergency call list in written form cover with plastic, set a fast dial link in mobile phone for emergency call , power bank to keep mobile working, a glass breaker… one very important thing is storing water in a car is very dangerous especially in summer, should use good heat resistant container for water storage

Very nice car set up. I’ve read through the comments and all those leaving negative comments or making fun of you will be the first ones coming to those of us that are prepared in a bad situation. They will hear the following from me : No sir, I say no sir you cannot benefit from my looking forward and preparing.

Great video thanks I didn’t read all of the comments but I would invest in a Tourniquet it would be pretty tough to Stop the bleeding on your self or a friend. It’s very small and light weight and inexpensive considering it could save your life or someone else’s. Thanks again for the video. $15.00 on Amazon

In keeping with just in case situations, if your vehicle is inoperable in a remote location or forced to be in between you don’t have a provision for starting a fire that I saw. (Signal or camping) A magnesium fire starter is long lasting and doesn’t deteriorate as well as hot enough to ignite any fuel source. It’s inexpensive and available nearly anywhere they sell camping gear.

That Anker charger does NOT work at all. It's just an oversize phone charger at best. Do yourself a favor and buy a real battery charger / car starter.

Definitely a really cool kit. I liked the idea of having a pair of boots with you. I’m wearing sandals a lot as well so thanks for the idea. I also liked the redundancy of having lots of charging devices, especially the solar panel.. didn’t think of that one lol.

His gone out and got everything to make this video not one of the things have been used hahahahaha

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