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Big-Knife Review: Szco Supplies vs Timber Rattler Bowie Knives

Comparison of two inexpensive big Bowie knives.

9 replies on “Big-Knife Review: Szco Supplies vs Timber Rattler Bowie Knives”

I'll take my Timber Rattler Bowies and match them against just about any Bowie knife out there . The szco knifes are cheap junk knives .

Great video, I am considering either of these knives but after seeing your comparison I believe it is the Timber Rattler Bowie that I will own.

Not only is it full tang but a 1095 high carbon steel for 17 bucks now that is a good deal even if the fit and finish is bad the steel it self is a good deal for anything under 30 bucks

A knife this inexpensive is good for several reasons. One is that you won't be afraid to use it. You spend a few hundred bucks on a expensive stainless steel Bowie you will be reluctant to use it for fear of damaging it. Carbon steel holds a good edge and you can make it real sharp again with no fear of damaging a expensive knife.

They both are good & the SZCO Bowie will take a patina with mustard very easy, it is very high carbon steel and also takes a keen edge & holds it.

I sell cars to the owner of szco and get great deals on blades. Just picked up a damascus kukri for $60. It's a beast.

Those SZCO Bowie knives take a sharp edge. Be good to see it chopping something after the blade is touched up a little. 2 of the best for a lot less.

both are good , but the SZCO is carbon steel and the handle is not packka wood but a good hard wood ,use some tape on that handle and a good tight fitting ranger band , good knives you have all both of them.

I would go with the Timberrattler but damn that carbon steel knife is cheap $1 per inch including a sheath!!!

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