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Glock 43x Review Breakdown Best EDC?

The 43x is a solid choice for anyone looking for a sub compact self defense set up with a minimal foot print. The 43 has been around a while now and after Sig put out the 365 Glock had to respond.

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19 replies on “Glock 43x Review Breakdown Best EDC?”

I can't believe that trigger pull weight… That's crazy, and lucky you! The 2 43xs and 43s I had before had 6-8lb horrible gritty spongy triggers, the worst striker fired triggers I've felt in 10 years.

I just wish they did the ambi slide stop… Being left handed and getting used to my gen 5s, I wish they'd do these ambi

Great review! Being a smaller dude, living with this Miami weather, I find the 43x easy to carry.

Side note, Tuctite went out of business. Some folks were reporting that they were still taking people’s orders without full filling them. Folks had to file charge backs with there credit card companies to get their money back.

Got my 43X in Black. I had to upgraded the trigger, night sights, and foxx grip for additional tracking. And in Vedder IWB holster.

Had the 43x… twice! I thought I was going to love it when it came out but i didn't. Sold it then in a multi gun trade I ended up with one that had Agency trigger, slide work, etc. Looked nice but still didn't love it. Buddy of mine had a p365 with the 12 rd magazine and i loved it! So i went out and bought the P365XL about a week ago. Going to shoot tomorrow and if i loved the original I'm pretty sure I'll love the XL.
Great videos my good sir 👏🏼😎

Nicely detailed presentation. Owning the G43, I prefer the G48 especially when the slides are interchangeable. 👍🏻

Love my 43x(finally broke down h ordered 1 when it became available in all black)whenever I'm not carrying the 45 or 19x i got the 43x its like a mini 45 imo, I'm in new Mexico so the heat gets bad here too not az bad but up there fa sures what part az u in man ? I got fam in Gilbert & Chandler

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