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Top 10 EDC Flashlights


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In this video we hang out with Marshall at Going Gear in Smyrna, GA to discuss the top everyday carry flashlights. Stay tuned, much more on the way.

Flashlights Shown Here:

Olight i3E
Foursevens Preon P1
MecArmy IllumineX-3
MecArmy SGN-3
Surefire Titan
Jetbeam Jet-µ/Jet-1
Klarus Mi7
Olight Baton Series, S1, S2, S1A, S2A
Nitecore EA11/EC11
Nitecore SRT Series
Jetbeam TCE-1


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15 replies on “Top 10 EDC Flashlights”

What's a good AA flashlight for an AR,possibly even a flashlight for a g19 but doesent use a cr123a is possible?

At this day and age there shouldn't be any non-rechargable flashlights on the market…I dont want to have to wait out a 300 lumen flash light the last week of use on the battery that I have in it and try to squeeze out 20 lumens before I go buy more batteries for it…rechargeable rechargeable rechargeable only!

Thanks you guys. Are you guys naked from the waist down? It'd be nice to have graphics to title the flashlights for easier reference. Men who don't know flashlights need counseling. And probably don't put batteries in their smoke detectors and have tiny penises. Is that a flashlight in your pocket?.. or..

Nice lights but half of those are way too big for edc.. maybe better for something to put in the glove box.

You never told us who made no10. Ive beens searching 30min srt3 flashlight and cant find it anywhere

Any recommendations for edc tech thats not a flashlight,swiss knife, can opener or multitool.
Like keychain thermometer and humidity

Streamlight makes a good edc light. Another brand that you rarely see “the big n fancy” you tubers ignore is PowerTac. There are a couple of hellacious torture tests but I prefer mine. I practically melted two CR123’s inside. It was so bad I had to clean carbon off in the inside of the lens. Holy cow. I cleaned the burned contacts with a Q-tip and denatured alcohol and it works like a champ. That was 3 yrs ago. PowerTac Warrior or PowerTac E5 are a couple WML’s I use. The PowerTac Cadet is a great EDC light.

Streamlight stylus pro or Streamlight micro-stream is basically still the only game in town for EDC lights.

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