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REVIEW #82: Survival Kit

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer. 😉

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I usually think your reviews are good but the fact that you liked the vanishing bottle blows my mind. It's a plastic bottle! Put a plastic bottle in a bag that size with the cap off and try and squash it and I assure you it can be done. It's not magic it's putting out the recycling

Thanks for all your reviews as a working magician they help me save alot of money 💵 and help me get what will fit

Sansmind is shit folks, beware , they are out to fool magicians , what the hell is she talkin about……….

thanks for a very honest review thumbs up for cardistry toot.
I use plastic wine bottles (sold in some clubs/bars that don't hand out glass to patrons)
They look just the same as real gass bottles but are lighter, quieter and don't smash on your feet

btw for a cardistry tutorial, I think waterwheel would be pretty dope, or your variation on it is cool too!

I'm not to big a fan of these effects for a situation like losing your luggage. they dont seem like real workers to me. i think something like "on the spot" by greg wilson is a better (if not the best) dvd for that kind of situation

Always great videos! Every once in a while I absolutely love stuff other than reviews, like these tutorials or performances. BTW, I'd love to just hear your thoughts on performing magic and theory of magic like what you're thinking when creating a routine or selecting an effect, your thoughts on stuff other magicians have said, or how you use music in your show, etc. Those are just ideas. I love what you're doing already as it is!

Thank you for this video I was actually waiting for this one, but what do you mean by Murphy's magic dealer?? like other sites or real shops?? and I hope you can teach us a 2 handed cut next time.

ekaterina who is your favorite stage, street magician and mentalist if you dont mind me asking.

Hi Ekaterina, I am a very big fan and the first video I saw of yours was Bang Bang. My friend Nicola, AKA the Amazing Trickola has had comments from you on her videos and I find that absolutely extraordinary. Absolutely love your work and you're a big inspiration <3

Great performance 👌 and as for the cardistry video, I'll be honest to say I would like to see any that you perform.

I don't know if any of this material is worker material beside the bottle vanish (and that's a big maybe) but I really like the idea behind this. I love the concept of what to do when nothing goes as planned and I feel like more people should play around with this idea.

I've been thinking about doing a show where I have no set up, no stooges, no cards, nothing at all magical on me and just walking into a bar and club and putting on an hour show doing impromptu miracles. I was thinking about doing everything from hypnosis, to borrowed coin/money tricks, No Pressure, and borrowed rubber band effects if there are any. I've been studying a lot of Peter Turner's material and it has inspired me to take on this challenge. I feel like if I do this it will help me learn the character of what a real wizard/shaman feels like and will better help my character on stage.

Great review!

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