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Opinel 10 folding knife review 👍🏼

Opinel carbon steel #10 is a great folder under dry conditions. However, after using a #10 stainless INOX in the kitchen for a while, the INOX is my go-to wet conditions tool; the thin blade sharpens easily, without the rust problem that affects ALL Opis in a damp environment, or in kitchen/camp/picnic usage. This video features the carbon #10 Opi. Customize that beechwood handle to your liking; I cut off that uncomfortable tip on the handle that jabs into my palm. Soak in linseed oil overnight and you’re good to go.

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Guys, Guys, Men, stop that mentality of taking gear into the woods that you THINK YOU'RE ONLY GOING TO NEED FOR THAT TIME PERIOD. This man said something that has probably cost lives and that is that When he doesn't plan to take a fixed blade he'll take the opinel knife. That mentality is wrong and frustrating to hear. When God blesses you he doesn't just fill your cup he overflows it. When you go into the woods don't go thinking everything is going to cool and you've got everything under control. Make a gear kit that sustain you for a day or an extended emergency got lost stay. All this crap about being tool heavy is bad is just that kind of mentality that we as outdoors men need to get rid off, its dangerous and irresponsible and quite frankly lazy. I'm not putting my life on minimal light gear. I go to the woods I take gear for the unknown not for what I've planned.

Beating on that knife to cut a branch is pure madness when such a sharp knife will slice through it with ease.

Why why why would you baton with a knife when your surrounded by small twigs and sticks?you don't do something simply because you can as it might not fail at the moment but rather when your in the bush far away from a repair kit and possibly in an emergency….use an axe

I have problems with the handle,it absorbs moist and then I can't open it … it gets too hard 🙁
Any tips? I've soaked it in oil maybe it will help

Just learning of Opinel. I purchased a No.9 and was gifted a No. 10 Carbon steel version. . Your right, it compares with my Mora knives. Agree with your comments, the pin could rust. My concern is how strong is the blade at the pivot point. Will it get blade wobble from standard bush craft use ? What have you learned of the Opinel for bushcraft?

I really don't understand heavy use on a folding knife… But also on a fixed knife with short blade (under 10 cm). I't simply stupid… Every tool has it's own range of use, out of it's range is uncomfortable or it can wreck easily.
An Opinel is good for it's sharpness and for being simple and lightweit, bring with you an heavy knife for batoning (or better an axe).

Hey, is the n 10 still you're preferred bushcraft knife size out of all the offered carbon steel sizes?


Всем доброго времени суток! А бывает  десятка с данной геометрией лезвия из нержи с рукоятью не из бука? Просто влом пропитывать, а бук я так понял, если не хочешь "ловить постоянно клин от влаги" пропитать прийдется… У филейника нашел кроме бука три варианта рукояти: дерево бабинга, оливковое дерево и рог оленя, а у не филейника нахожу только бук…

Good question. I think it comes down to comfort level with blade length. Get comfortable with smaller blade length, esp. if you hang out alone in the woods. The #9 or even #8 would be a great first Opi. After knowing limitations, I'm comfortable with #10 for the woods. It's also a great kitchen slicer. If you have a good understanding/respect of knives already (ie. have been cut), just go for the #10.

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