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Knife Review : Mini Keychain Balisongs

Balisongs From BladeHQ :

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can u do tricks on this baby? lolol. i feel like the lighter weight would interfere. btw ur amazon link doesnt work, i would love to find out where i could buy this

For those of you that get those flip finz ads they probably got some pro flippers to flip in their ads. Also if im wrong then if those people are soooo good with a flip finz then go then a real bali!!!!!

this video had a very depressing start… He explains that he taught his sister the skill and she got good at it and quit. So hes over here like showing us the remnants of when he and his sister bonded. lmao

Called my local police department, and they told me it’s illegal to carry a balisong regardless the size of the blade. I stay in riverside county. I also called Orange County police departments as well. They also said the same thing. Lol, what I was told from a knife collector is that city governs over county law and county law governs over state law. I’m guessing it’s where you’re really at…

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