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buck inertia knife review ON ACID

panhandle slims knife reviews on acid, this first knife is a buck inertia, you can pick up this bad boy at walmart, give this knife to kids, its the perfect knife for doing acid, this knife has a lock, grab a knife and get in ur car and start filming i

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gosh your so right, my dad got me a buck kinda like that one when i was like 13 and he got like one of the old hunting kind. Totally fits the old people and kids thing hahaha

hey slim this is ur best vid yet cant wait for u to get famous
wanna come over n watch blue planet next week lmk

oh boy, I am getting excited for all your future videos "Review on second-hand Swiss Hair Dryer on DMT" , "Can Opener Review on Mescaline" or "Unboxing M6-Bazooka on Shrooms" 😄😄

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