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The SOG Terminus XR Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to check out a new knife from SOG Tools, which is not only a nice piece, but a message from SOG that they deserve to be taken seriously by the knife community again: The Terminus XR.

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Every SOG I’ve seen was in a clamshell pack in a pile on the bottom shelf of a Walmart. The handle reminds me of the dire styling found in 90s supercars — bar-of-soap-like.

You should check out the SOG twitch 2 – it’s a simple design, but thin stock, good grind, and just works. A lot of bang for the buck. I bought it from a Sportsman’s warehouse for cheap, and it actually is the knife that started my knife collection.

Back before I had a clue about knives, which honestly was not that long ago, I purchased a SOG that combined a back lock, thumb studs, flipper tab, spring assist, semi pinned construction and AUS 8 steel. Terrible blade centering. Ridiculously heavy for the size. Terrible, uneven grind. It was not a great knife and at $60 it's actually a terrible knife. I've thought about giving it to a friend but I wouldn't want to burden then with it or create a poor impression that might prevent them from digging deeper into the wonderful world of folding knives. Glad to see the brand is improving but they likely won't get my business again.

This has been my go-to knife for a few months. Love the flipper and axis lock. Very easy to use one handed and pretty compact.

Just when I think I'm done with the whole Woody Allen style review with no real substance other than the superficial nature of the knife here I am . Maybe it's because your one of the few knife reviewers with hands that appear to be free of deformation. Thanks for being incredibly consistent for all these years .

If someone makes a 3rd party clip for this, I'd consider it. I seriously cannot stand the SOG clip. I also wish they'd pick a deployment method. IMO, it should lose the thumb studs AND the flipper tab.

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