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Survival Lilly's APO 1 Knife Review

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I cannot take Lilly as a serious Survivalist or bushcrafter. Yeah anyone who endorses beating knives with a Rock as a Baton and purposely jumps in freezing water and has a crew and pre made camp fire magically waiting to be lit in nature is a few brain cells short on common sense.

i like lilly and her channel but thats a pure coldsteel srk ripoff even the sheath..
..bk2? come on bro cs srk

Lilly posted new versions of APO-1. Version with Bohler K110 steel (similar to D2 high carbon "half" stainless) and SK85 steel (similar to SK5 high carbon steel). Prices are nearly the same. Would be great to see some tests too.

Lilly surprised me. After all the negative comments I figured she would pull the design (feather sticks/spine scraping) knife, edge dulling sheath, handle, steel (which she has done on some). I expected she would either refund the money on the sub quality knives or give the purchasers the new knife, with the better steel, etc. Instead, she just made some minor changes and pumped out the same defective knife. I unsubscribed and lost all my faith in her.

its a great knife but basically a copy of the cold steel SRK – lilly carried the SRK and loved it so much – she decided to improve on it – did she ?

Another kid glove review for this knife. I don't understand why the only true test I've seen on this is DBK unless you just are supporting a fellow "survival" channel or afraid of giving a female survivalist a true review on her first piece of gear. Survival on purpose did the same, Woodland Tactical the same and then disabled comments. This isn't helpful in the big picture and not helpful for Lilly. Her knife is speaking for itself by its sales anyway. Most of us understand the limitations of AUS-8, and obviously it hasn't been enough to sway people from buying it. Hopefully she continues and expands to some tougher grades later under her brand. (Would like to see a better sheath as well, but not a deal breaker)

Fallkniven S1 got a shitty review from sweet Lilly. Any chance you can compare the 2 knives in a far challenge.

very gentle on the tip-testing lol. the knife often fell out of the wood without any splinter coming up. i don't trust this review at all.

I love how none of the big utube guys that act like they know knives didn't notice how the sheath dulls the blade everytime it goes in and out of the sheath!

1) the sheath dulls the edge
2) AUS 8 is too soft… check out the DBK test… first tip test it was bent
3) AUS 8 is too soft… and still has breakouts

way out of the ballpark for an AUS 8 steel knife. still a decent looking knife though… i just can't really wrap my head around $120 for an aus8 steel knife

It is amusing to see so many jealous guys in the comments trashing the knife though they have never used it – and I was really laughing at the =statement about the knife community 'ALLOWING' her to make a knife!!! Seems like the libtard marxist mindset, "We will ALLOW you to make the knife!". I am quite happy with mine; have not taken it for any extensive run yet but on short day trips for general chores, seems fine. Price is reasonable.

This knife design is so much better than all of Chris Tanner's designs from Prepperedmind 101 hahahahahaha OMG!!

If you take Lilly out of the equation, then I don't hate this knife. You leave Lilly in the equation, I still don't hate the knife. It's not bad. I don't think it's for me but that's ok

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