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Knife Review : Benchmade model 42 Balisong (BM42)

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18 replies on “Knife Review : Benchmade model 42 Balisong (BM42)”

It's been awhile, eh? I like the BM42, though I am currently carrying a BM 41MC. This video is decent – pretty straight forward IMO. I like the BM4X , X being a variation, as compared to the newer Benchmade knives. $500+ for a 87 – BM needs to wake up and stop dreaming. Recently handled an 87, pretty nice for a $200 knife – pure garbage for $500+. I digress, as noted, the review is decent and the 42 IS a decent knife and your points are well made.

im thinking to buy the bm 42 but i am worried that the screws will loosen up that it will fall apart. im from philippines how many years you've been using your bm 42? any problems?

this is very innovative, though there illegal now, and cost a few hundred, ill just stick with the 20 dollar trainers :/

What would be a good price for a used model 42? It has titanium handles and a 440c blade. It has a couple of small dings in the blade other than that the knife is in good shape. The spring latch is still strong and the knife is very solid feeling. According to the box and papers with it, the knife was made in 2003. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this.

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