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Kershaw Blur Folding Knife Review

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The Kershaw Blur has quickly become one of my favorite medium-large knives for every day carry. I was very impressed with it’s edge holding capability as I put it through my battery of simple cutting tests. It has great aesthetics and good ergonomics and a wide variety of versions available for any taste or preference.

The Ken Onion designed Blur definitely hits a sweet spot for me, and I expect it will be in regular use for a while.



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The drawback of these types of knives is that small change gets caught in them then falls on the ground when you pull it out.

Got one of these off the snap on truck for 90$ 6 months ago..i beat the shid out of this knife honestly..broke the tip off it.. Ground it down to a clip point and continued to use it to cut zip ties and cord and cardboard and to sharpen sticks and various other out door abuse..and the blade was easily touched up to a razors edge.. Lock and spring assist remained solid.. then the snap on guy brought me a new replacement knife. Best EDC knife under 100$ with out a doubt.

Tip up means It can easily open on its own. And when you go to grab it. The blade could open and stab your hand

I'd like to see a mini Blur. One with less than a 3inch blade. That way I could legally carry it anywhere, even to school (collage). I currently carry the Spyderco Delica 4, and like it. But I love the way the Blur looks, and love the fast opening and closing.

My Blur did not handle medium duty wood carving (bamboo).
Took a good part of the blade out. Kershaw will replace the blades on standard versions for $10. Mine is tigerstriped and they don't replace limited editions. That was 14C28N in case you're wondering.
Loved that knife, until it broke.

i found out that they do make new versions.. 🙁 I had a green one w/ the tanto blade.. it was an amazing knife. I gave it to my brother who helped me w/ some auto mechanic work. I bought a new one, all black. I keep trying but my brother wont trade me back lol he loves my old knife so much. I hate the black blade.. but oh well it works amazing still.

The Blur is a great knife series. I own the purple one with the stonewashed tanto blade made out of BDZ1 steel. It's my new favorite EDC.

My first knife is the rat 1 which I've been very happy with. I just ordered the kershaw Ken Onion blur in all black as my next step up. For me, tip up is more natural as I draw the knife from my pocket. Guns and knives are so addicting!

Excellent review. Seems like you missed review of clip – I think the clip is terrible. I replaced it with aftermarket clip for deep pocket carry and am very pleased. Didn't know about rescue Blur – awesome!

I've been thinking about getting one, but it has the same pocket clip as the Leek and IDK if I want that because I've never really liked it. I do have a few Kershaw knives with better clips and wish they would use them more!

Hey I have a quick question since I'm pretty torn between the two. Which knife should I go with, the Kershaw Blur in s30v or the Spyderco Native 5 Lightweight in s35 vn? Thank you so much.

I have EDC my blur tanto for over 6 years. I still love it and plan on carrying it for many more. best folding knife I have ever bought.

My Dad was gifted one of these years ago, and used it a few times only. He had a stroke and lost hand dexterity to a point he stopped using it. I want to get my own, now, to remind me a bit of my Dad. Even though I don't like thick or heavy knives, unless fixed bladed ones, but this knife is an exception.

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