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Bark River Bravo 1.5 CPM 3V Knife Review – A Longer Bushcraft Blade

The Bark River Bravo 1.5 continues on the Bravo line by adding about 1 more inch to the length of the blade. With the same handle, ergonomics, and cutting profile, the Bravo 1.5 is a great option for those like that like the idea of the traditional Bravo 1 but prefer longer blade lengths. I have found this blade to be useful both on normal everyday life as well as time spent in the nature bushcrafting, hiking, and camping. In my opinion it is a good option for an outdoorsman’s knife.

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16 replies on “Bark River Bravo 1.5 CPM 3V Knife Review – A Longer Bushcraft Blade”

Sir, I don't know much that I might add to your review, for your observations on this weapon were very informative and to the point.
Great job on the video too. Thank you Sir, for your hard work in producing this video.

I call that a split stick trigger. Idk the right name for it, but when you make it there is a good, quick way to make the split stick at the start: tap in your cross cuts on the same stick, opposite sides. Make sure each cut goes deep enough that they would meet if they were right across from each other. Now snap that stick, it should break lengthwise between the two cuts and all you have to do is clean the flats off. The ends are already at perfect length to work as intended. Also, to make it more sensitive, you can pinch a leaf in between the notched sticks so they really slide apart when disturbed.. a nice, hard, dead oak leaf works well. It will crunch some when you put it in, but the slick leaf will be where it needs to be.

Can’t decide between 1.25 and 1.5. I want one to pair with another mid sized pocket knife to do larger chores. Leaning towards the 1.5?

Your intro is incredible. Very very well done! Besides the awesome artistic intro, I love Bark River knives. I own a Bravo 1LT and Cub in 3V. Both are awesome performers. Their warranty is also unmatched.

Those trigger sticks are very similar to the trigger on the Russian grandfather trap. And that's the best trap ever made. Chances are if you are buying fur caught in Russia, it was caught in one of those. Very popular over there still to this dayπŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦†πŸ¦†

They are a truly great line of knives from a great company. Only problem is there are so many different choices when buying one πŸ˜‚

i really like the review of the bravo line up and the bushbat, such serenity and i really wabnt to go into the woods

Say Heah Joe, Yeah, I start my Bark River Sets with the Brivo 1, I did that with my Baek River A2 and all are in the Ghost Green Jade G-10 handles. Now I started a 3V stable, again starting with the Bravo 1, so yeah this set will all be in 3V and a Black G-10. I already have two, Yeah, the Bravo 1.5 and your absolutely right, It's a good one. ,, .

love the videos they are great with good information I was wondering if you could review the Bark River bravo vortex

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