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Opinel Carbon No. 8 & Stainless No. 9 Knife Review.

Opinel Carbon No. 8 & Stainless No. 9 Review.

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That demonstrates "razor" sharp. First rod strike fire 👍👍! A nice full work-out on two great knives, and a well-done video taking them through their paces. Thanks for another Walker!

Love your videos. The knives though are not my cup of tea…I'm a Puma, or vintage Case person myself. Thanks for sharing!

look like good knives but I don't think you chose the best food products to show their true worth. good video altogether

I always wondered what type of knife OJ Simpson used . They never did find his knife . I prefer that Number 8 knife of yours .

Got out fishing today. 1 largemouth bass on a topwater 👍🏻. Opinel are EXCELLENT tools.
Try gun bluing on the blade.
The Brie is excellent just as is.
My # 12 is the BEST kitchen knife I’ve ever owned. Fold it, throw it in the drawer (after properly dried) and it’s ready for next time and no surprises when you reach into the drawer next time. 1095 is excellent. You can cook with brie, cooked mushrooms with brie are crazy good. Great video again Walker.
The bass was about a pound and went back home unharmed 🎣

I’ll stick with “American” cheese and French fries. I’ve tried all that “fancy” French food when traveling. Never liked any of it.

Hey, Kevin! And what am I going to say today…well, that was a great demonstration of this knives’ abilities around the campsite. But I was wondering, did the Brie, bread, and pate taste like arm hair and wood? Just wondering..

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