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L.T. Wright GNS Bushcraft Knife Review, After One Year of Use!

#ltwright #knifereview #bushcrafttools After over 1 year of use I have become very familiar with this knife. Please tune in to watch me demonstrate its uses and give my thoughts.

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24 replies on “L.T. Wright GNS Bushcraft Knife Review, After One Year of Use!”

Hi Wade, thanks for the video. How have you found gripping the micarta handle under different conditions? That is, wet, dry, bare hands, gloved, sweaty, slimy, oily, and any other conditions where a sure grip may be problematic. Thanks!

Awesome review!! It's great seeing actual hard use of a great tool!. Very intuitive and great execution of the skill sets for fire prep.
Heard so much about L.T. Wright knives, read a lot of reviews of guys demonstrating this and that, how it works for this or that. But seeing how you were able to show its function properly was just refreshing. Really enjoyed the video and actually subscribed! Looking forward to owning my first LTW blade!! Awesome, awesome stuff.!

Really liked this video. I have the LTWK Sospes. It's a great knife and I love it. I'll be gifting my brother an LT and possibly buying myself one as well for Christmas/December birthdays. I believe I will do the GNS

I received my first ltwk in the mail today, purchased a Marksman with Koa wood scales, I absolutely love the fit and finish of it and a GNS is next on my list, thanks for your review it earned you a like and new subscriber here.

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Great video my friend. I really like that blade profile, O-1 steel, and natural micarta scales. Wade, what brand of gloves are you wearing? They look real durable. Have a great weekend buddy. Take care and God bless friend. Tennessee

Love your videos, very informative.
Could you tell us or do a video on the fero rod you use if there is a brand you like better than another

How are you liking the GNS saber grind ?
Any hot spots with that knife handle ? &
How is that grind working for you ?
Do you prefer a saber grind over a scandi ?
& why…
Maybe you can answer when you have time thanks man. I've watched all your videos & liked them very much.

Just got my GNS in 3V steel today. I think it will beat out my Bark River Bravo 1 Lt as my favorite. Squinch bigger handle and just a bit grippier. But, I got the convex grind and did not expect the large secondary bevel. I see that its there for edge strength because the blade is thinner than the Bark river, but I don't baton so it has to go to create a real convex. I see some serious waterstone time coming!

Your decal-mail received me today, Thanks Wade. Took it on my Stanley-can (or whatever it is called in english, sorry about thatπŸ˜‰) Looks pretty cool on it.Β  People, those of you who doesent know by now: Great guy, great Channel -> absolutly worth it to subscribe

Wade, this is a good, honest and thorough review…well done! This knife reminds me of the knife I built for my own use, it started as a scandi grind and I deepened the grind and made it more like a 'scandi vex sabre', the blade on my knife has a more acutely radiused sweep on the first 1.5" from the tip…then a straight cutting edge back to the handle. Typically I like a sweeping edge/ belly on my blades for the full length of the cutting edge and, like you I prefer 4" or less. blade length…much more power and control πŸ™‚

Great video. I just got my first LT Wright yesterday. A GNS in A2 steel. I have to say it seems like a very well made knife, I’m very excited to take it out into the bush this weekend. The handle is nice and roomy, not cramped at all, and the blade shape is really useful. Great video πŸ‘πŸ½

Some of if not the best production bushcraft knives. My GNS scandi 3v performs as well as any if my customs

Morning, Wade ; Great seeing your GNS put to the test & Performed without a hitch Thanks for the Tea ATB T God Bless

Do you like your triplex knives better then the lt. wright knives? What knives would you say is better quality? witch knives do you like better?

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