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Fallkniven F1 Survival Knife Review

Today Justin Telford of NaturalBushcraft takes a look at the Fallkniven F1 Survival Knife letting us know his thoughts on the knife and we get to put it through it’s paces.

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16 replies on “Fallkniven F1 Survival Knife Review”

Based on your experience this Fallkniven F1 is a really good knife as they say? I'm looking for a sturdy knife and not great it can last for very very time, I want a great product, you can do in my case this?

Hi, its great to get back on line. A very good review. It dates back a while and since this was first aired, there’s been many more knifes and custom knife makers enter the field. That said, it would seem this knife is very good and has many loyal users. Its great to read about six years use and still going. I would be hoping to get many more years than that, if possible. I have one question, the F1 looks brilliant, but I am also interested to find out if any one has used the Northern Lights, NL5L Idum. This knife also appeals to me.

Good review!  I have been using my F1 for about 6 years now for winter and summer trips in the bush, and I am very happy with it.  For feather sticks it takes some practice to develop the muscle memory to control the convex edge, but once you get it, you can make multiple curl feathers like Mors says are the best curls.  Its a beast for battoning, no worries. This knife can baton cross grain through wood with ease, just as you showed.  It is a true survival knife.  I did work it on water stones to make a micro bevel, for ease of touching up in the field with a stone.  The micro bevel also works well for stropping.  I find that regular stropping with compound, or very fine wet-dry sandpaper followed by compound on leather, finished on a leather belt, keeps the edge very sharp, and its rare that I actually need to "sharpen" the edge.  Its light enough to carry with pleasure.

have to agree good knife, I've had one for about six months, a little brother to my A1 for smaller jobs but on a different topic, I like your hat, what's the make? is it leather? where from? I want one

I cant resist bursting your bubble.
If you go out in the swedish forests, you need to bring at least one knife or you are gonna get screwed over so bad if something happens. We have animals that can and sometimes will attack you, and if that isnt enough we also have pretty damn harsh weather (cold and lots of snow in the winter, rainy and damn humid heat in the summer), how are you gonna build a good shelter for that if you cant even chop/cut/whittle the material?

I enjoy the wilderness, I also induce survival situation, God forbid a real emergency survival situation, my practice would come in handy, I think Fallkniven knives rock, althoughy preference is the A-1 as my survival knife,although I enjoy other makers, Busse, Bark River, etc. F-1 makes a good size for bushcrafting, in survival I find a bit larger blade size, is the way to go for me.

Absolutely .. I would be glad if I had a Mora knife in the woods. I take that any day in front of knifes twice or even five times the cost. Mora sells quality in quantity .. other brands try to market themselves as quality by price .. which is like saying "I'm swedish .. therefore I can play tennis " =)

Nice review .. but I wish it had been the standard knife in swedish army .. we "only" get Mora knifes (not bad but not as good either). It's said to be used in the airforce, and that I can't say anything about. But the pricetag is way to high per knife for the Swedish army to use it as standard knife.

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