edc review

A quick review of my EDC

Shooting my EDC

27 replies on “A quick review of my EDC”

As soon as I saw the protrusion on the back of the slide I knew it was full auto, I would be ecstatic just to be able to own any full auto let alone carry a fucking converted glock

Man, you had me fooled.
"A Glock 17? Well, it's reliable, but I guess I expected something more exot-…Aaannnd it's full auto."
That's a sick holster btw

Best gun channel on YouTube by far. No stupid slo mo the entire video, gets right to the point, and usually mag dumps in full auto every video which is exactly what we want to see 😂 keep em coming Eric

Hey Eric you need a truck fun for that hummer. I’ll be by to drive for you. How many hogs you think we can load up on it.

I also carry a glock 17 everyday, mine does not have the full auto conversion though. Love your channel, keep up the great work and stay safe brother👍👊

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