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Wise Company: 2 Week Deluxe Emergency Survival Kit,

2 week Deluxe Survival product and food kit for 1 person or 1 week for 2 people.

Each kit includes the following:
• 1 Emergency Duffle Bag on Wheels
• Water Pouches (18)
• Swiss Army Knife (1)
• Compact Multi-Function Shovel (1)
• 5-in-1 Survival Whistle (1)
• Emergency Ponchos (2)
• Deluxe Hygiene Kits (2)
• NIOSH N95 Dust Masks (2)
• Hand and Body Warmers (2)
• 2 Person Tube Tent (1)
• Deluxe First Aid Kit (1)
• 12 Hour Bright Stick (1)
• 30 Hour Emergency Candle (1)
• Packages of Pocket Tissue (6)
• 4-in-1 Dynamo Flashlight (1)
• Deck of Playing Cards (1)
• Water Proof Matches (50)
• Waste Bags (2)
• 50 ft. Nylon Rope (1)
• Note Pad (1)
• Golf Pencil (1)
• Mylar Sleeping Bags (2)
• Leather Palm Work Gloves (1)
• 36 Piece Bandage Kit (1)
• Water Filtration Bottle (1)
• Water Purification Tablets (20)
• Portable Stove (1)
• Stove Fuel Tablets (16)
• Metal Fork (1)
• Knife and Spoon (1)
• Sierra Cup (1)
• Wise Emergency Food Supply (44 Servings) including:
• Savory Stroganoff
• Chili Macaroni
• Creamy Pasta and Veg Rotini
• Creamy Tomato Basil Soup
• Hearty Tortilla Soup
• Apple Cinnamon Cereal
• Brown Sugar and Maple Cereal
• Crunchy Granola
• Chicken Noodle Soup
• Loaded Baked Potato Casserole
• Southwest Beans and Rice

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I use wrong English because I'm Japanese. I'm sorry.
I've wanted survival whistle.
But I couldn't choose it.
Could you give us whistle browing video?
Please come back and give us nice video!
I've wanted it forever!
I'm sorry about wrong English.

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Dear Youtuber, what happened to you …your videos were very informative and entertaining

Can you post a video ..just let us know whats going on !

I'm not a vegan so I do not enjoy Wise meals. I would've saved money and bought a cheaper bucket of mountain essentials if the warning label "No meat is used in these packages" font was bigger than 4 pt. I especially did NOT think it was funny when my "beef" stoganoff was portobello mushroom. For vegans, I can see this working, bit I need a lot of protein and amino acids, which Wise meals are lacking. This was a good video review, though.

Nice video. Helpful. I personally wouldn't take a wooden ornament in a survival kit. It looks quite heavy 😉

I wonder why they decided to put doubles of some items in singles of other items? Why have two sleeping bags but only one toothbrush?

Yeah, not a fan of these kits either… like Roadtripvidz is saying for $250 you can put this together many times over. Just copy and paste the list of items from this website they posted and search items on Amazon, or Ebay. You can also substitute items like the fork ,knife/swiss army with a Mora from amazon for $9 and a few forks from home. You can go to the Dollar store near you and find 90% of these items, that's right.. $1 each. The radio, and flashlights are probably the more expensive items> I recommend the 3 pack of 400 Lumen LED flashlights from Costco for $20. The radio, well.. you can find cheap ones that are not hand crank, which is probably better since any survival scenario says to save calories any way you can… cranking on that thing over and over isn't a good thing unless you're bored.

While I agree with RoadTripVidz, these kits might lack some things and are expensive but for alot of people this is way they can get started. I have some friends that I 'forced' them into making 'Car Kits' and they almost gave me a medal during that recent Blizzard in the East. They got stranded for 9 hours and all had blankets, food, water, extra clothes (Boots, socks, gloves and hats) and could afford to hang with their vehicles till they could get off the road. This would be a great starter kit for beginners to see how to get started and fill in the holes as she mentioned upgrading.

Not a fan of these pre-made kits. They ALWAYS lag in what's truly needed, and are heavily marked up. Much better to make a custom kit, and buy gear piece by piece via Amazon and Ebay. I can make 30 of these kits for the price they charge for 1. Seriously? $250 LOL Also, if you live in a hot weather climate, you might want WAY more water available that. Also, many more of those glow sticks, i'd have at least 10 of those since they dont' take room and they are light weight.

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