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We Knives 617 Knife Review. A capable large flipper in D2 that ain’t too heavy

The We Knives 617 Flipper is one of the most affordable flippers from the high end Chinese Maker. It has pretty good ergonomics and isn’t too heavy with a blade larger than 3.5 inches. From the harpoon style blade made from D2, and the textured G10 scales this is in fact a nice every day carry. In this video I compare it to the Spyderco Para Military 2, the Benchmade Fact, and the Cold Steel Code 4. I cut cardboard, flip it a lot, and make some jokes. You know, usual Advanced Knife Bro things. If you’d like to support my channel offer to give me a free We Knife, and I promise to make an ok video about it.
If you don’t like giving away expensive knives, but prefer to keep them yourself- buy a the 617c (green G10) though this link:

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I do like the WE Knives, I'm cutting my teeth on their budget line. Really enjoying your vids, you've got a subscriber for life. I even like your beer reviews 😁

Smooth..consistent..deployments.Thats what my wife said about my love making skills after I turned 35.

I’ve been looking at this looks good price is right 4 inch blade is about 1/2 inch bigger than I like but I might make an exception. Another issue is I like to see a more robust liner lock with such a long blade tuff decision.

I'm sorry I can't share this with strangers on public transportation, I drive :/ as for the blade, seems decent but definitely had more potential. If they made it just a bit slimmer and lighter, and got rid of the harpoon it probably would sell a lot better. Especially for $100, it should either be better or just cheaper. Nice review man!

Great review! I like the look of the knife! If I'm ever attacked by a whale whilst walking my dog late at night, I will be able to defend myself with a pocket harpoon! Win! Win!

You might want to work on your draw stroke, it is a little slow unless you plan on doing Jets versus Sharks re-enactment at an Old Folks home.

Got one of these few days ago, the funny thing is one of the handle plates is thinner, than the other (2mm), like they f uped the angle while rounding edges of g-10. Which is strange, i thought they used cnc equipment on production line. Maybe different batches? Anyone with the same problem?

As a fellow communist, hello Tovarisch, I approve of your use of the word "metric" when describing a larger knife over 3.5". Like you I'm conflicted, imperial purple is also my favourite colour. Imperial communism? Perhaps North Korea is a good place after all….

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