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Ultimate utilitarian compact pocket knife… Graham Razel GT Midtech

A detailed review of a very useful and unique folder by Jon Graham

7 replies on “Ultimate utilitarian compact pocket knife… Graham Razel GT Midtech”

Now that's 1 you shouldn't mind sending me to let me use it. 🤣🤣🤣
Just kidding brother. Badass knife.

I love how you groaned like you were in tremendous pain when taking that first sip…. sounded like you were in disgust 🤣🤣 but said that's some good shit 🤣🤣
Keep em coming brother!!

Woodland tactical great dude we love that guy!!! And the razel is a great blade shape and knife, love it very useful tool.

That "welcome welcome welcome" sounds like something a creepy old man would say to a preteen. Liking your reviews, but maybe you should think again about that beginning tho. 😀

Awesome knife Alex !!! Thanks for the look at this beauty . I've got the CRKT version never used it yet but should be a good beater.

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