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The Busse Knife (BUS-EE) Is Going Back… :)

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28 replies on “The Busse Knife (BUS-EE) Is Going Back… :)”

A mora robust costs >$20 and after I bought my first one it really made me re-evaluate what a knife should cost.

The Morakniv Robust is the best value-for-money rough-use fixed blade in its size category. If anyone knows of a remote contender please tell me what it’s called and where to get one.

Wish the would bring back Infi, saw a forum post back in the day of the TGLB that got hammered into pavement and the tip was mint after

The thumbnail for this video briefly made me think I was looking at a folding knife with a ruler on the handle, and now I want to own such a thing.

Every piece of elmax I have ever had has had this problem. Same with vg10 they seem almost too brittle…..

Gotta go with san mai if I go with either of these

I've had one of the very thin backpack blades for years. 1095, some minor spotting on the blade, (my fault), but man it stays sharp. Ya, great company.

It seems that you have peaked the curiosity of your viewers on your Kentucky Colonel title. Could you do a video about how you were given the title and what public service you performed to earn it?

I chipped out a NMSFNO a few years back, was a chip about quarter of an inch halfway down the blade. I sent it back with an explanation what happened and a few weeks later a brand new one turned up. I really don't see them regrinding it. I wont be the same if they do.

What do you mean the title has nothing to do with the military? What if the Commonwealth of Kentucky comes under attack from, say, the the British Crown? You'll be expected to show up with your bicorne, sabre and revolver to lead the men into battle.

I am curious, what was the outstanding achievement that warranted the governor of Kentucky awarding the prestigious title of Kentucky Colonel ? Congratulations !

Last week I did a tip repair on a CRKT fossil for a friend. Much more labor intensive than I expected but the joy on his face was well worth it

Hollow ground knives should be used only in the kitchen or for butchering. Full flat ground, sabre or convex is best for away from home or outside the wire use.

I remember seeing a video by knifetestnoss a few years ago , he had to hack away at some bricks to just damage the edge…
It's surprising to see your Busse with a broken tip,always thought they were extremely tough knives.

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