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Military Surplus Pouch Survival Kit

Just a quick kit I threw together using an old AK magazine pouch I had laying around. I came up with this idea when I was looking at the hiddenwoodsman’s belt pouch. You may have one of these laying around and if not they can be found very cheap at military surplus stores, ebay, and on the web. Thanks for watching.

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Awesome vid, making kits is also a hobby of mine while also providing urself and family with a "back up plan"., I use my Maxpedition Versi Pack which can also be used like a hip pouch…Keep up the good work and looking forward to an EDC update..I just updated mine, used to use the Versipack as my EDC bag, but i just switched to the Tatical Taylor Adapt and made that Versi into a streamlined emergency bag.

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