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Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K (6034) Pocket Knife Review or how to deploy Emerson Wave

There are a lot of How to Deploy a Knife with the Emerson Wave Videos on the Internet, and this is another one. It’s also a review of the Kershaw built and Emerson designed CQC-6K folding pocket knife. I go over basics, like blade steel, batoning, and more. So if you’d like to know how not to treat a knife properly, this is a good video. Is this the best knife review on Youtube? Is this the best pocket knife you can buy? The answer is no and no. But it’s a good way to waste time while drinking a beer.

So to recap, you shouldn’t baton with this knife, even though I am batoning with it. And I clearly show you how to deploy a knife equipped with an Emerson Wave.



10 replies on “Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K (6034) Pocket Knife Review or how to deploy Emerson Wave”

I've always wanted a pocketknife that will tear my pants open while jerking it out, because…assholes are pockets…uhhh, I mean pockets are assholes.

I actually own this knife and I must say its worth more than the price.Funny review.Keep up the good work.

6054(cqc-4k)'s pocket clip is actually unreversible,the cqc-4k only has 3 holes for pocket clip at left side but no screw thread in there…wondering if cqc-6k has same problem

I got one from my son-in-law for Christmas. It's heavier than what I usually carry and I've had a knife in my pocket since I was a cub scout back in the mid 50's. The quick opening feature means nothing to me, just an opportunity to draw blood, likely mine. I'm right handed, but the knife is always in my left pocket, right pocket is car keys. And, If I want to damage the forest, I'll go for a hatchet, ax or chainsaw. But, you did a nice review. If you like trains, cars, travel or BS, check out my channel.

been carrying one for a while, since they hit eBay. Solid, and the 'thingy' works, cut myself on first try though LOL

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