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Japanese Kiridashi Craft Pocket Knife Review (Brass)

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This Japanese kiridashi knife excels at many things. It can be used for woodworking, leatherwork, and paper crafts, and can also be used as a general utility knife. Thanks to its very slim profile and ultra sharp tip, it can make precision cuts. The knife blade is made of carbon steel, and the grip and sheath are made of brass. The sheath and grip are simply a sheet of brass folded and crimped on one edge, and the blade fits snugly in the sheath. The overall feel of the knife extremely slim and compact. Stamped on one side is the phrase “Pen an to” or “pennant”. the maker of the Pen an to considers it a “Championship” worthy knife, thus the word “pennant”. the company Yoshiharu Hamono has been in business for over 60 years, and is currently run by its 4th generation family members. The family has a history of crafting tools dating back over 100 years.

Yoshiharu Hamono 440-042 Penanto Japanese Kiridashi Brass Knife.

Low profile, ultra compact design

Carbon steel blade with brass grip and sheath

Razor Sharp


Made in Japan

Japanese Kiridashi Craft Pocket Knife Review (Brass)

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Glad u said about them long wallets , i have been wantin to put a knife in my rodeo wallet . That is a great idea matt

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