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Dango D01 Dapper Wallet Review: Is this the best SLIM EDC wallet for the money?

Here is my review on the Dango D01 Dapper Wallet. Is this the best slim EDC wallet available? How does it compare to popular wallets like The Ridge wallet? Aluminum body, Leather pocket, aluminum chassis and RFID protection. This may be the only wallet you ever need!
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20 replies on “Dango D01 Dapper Wallet Review: Is this the best SLIM EDC wallet for the money?”

I really like the look of this wallet so I invested, and after just a bit of use, the stitching is starting to fray. I hate to diss an entire company just because I seem to have a poorly constructed wallet, but I have never had this problem with Trayvax. I think I will stick with them. As always, thanks for the review!

The dango would be a good alternative for the ridge wallet if it was $30. But for the same price, definitely go for the ridge wallet.

I’d really like to see the Maverick & the dapper side by side.. I currently have the dapper but I’m considering getting a maverick.

These are like $100. You don't have to fight a Ridge at the same price point to get your cards in and out. I dunno. I think I'd prefer to pay for functionality over "style points".

Anyone in the UK getting a Dango wallet, you’ll be slapped with import tax on top of the cost of the wallet. I was stung £27.50 for the Dapper Bifold

Have the Dango D01 Dapper Bifold, went with the Bifold because I carry my wallet and phone in the same pocket quite a bit, the leather rapping completely around the metal plates keeps the screen on the phone from getting scratched. It also gives you an additional 2 pockets to carry cards or cash but I only carry 4 cards and 2 IDs. I really only like to carry 3 cards between the plates, 4 is doable but the loose plate starts to float with 3 cards it's a non issue. Bought the Dango after using Secrid Slimwallets for the last 7 years and wanted to try something different. 

The Dango is a really slick looking wallet, it is only slightly bigger than the Secrid, also own a Trayvax Ascent and the Dapper Bifold is still less bulky, I also carry one less card in the Ascent. The Secrid and Trayvax are easier to access cards from but the Dango is still convenient for the number of cards I carry.

Thanks CT for the Dango review. Question, that plate that you said moves quite a bit, is that part of the RFID SYSTEM?
Great video!

Just doesn't seem like you're enjoying this as much as the ridge so I'll stick with the ridge . Thank you for your reviews because they help me a lot.

I would have to say it does look cool but I would lose that aluminum floating piece seeing how I carry 15 cards a fresh light a pain and the knife everyday for work

Un beau portefeuille en cuir pour mettre(carte bancaire /cartes de fidélité /papiers importants et carte d'identité /ect…) sera toujours mieux.

No, crispy, I still vote ridge. I lose other usability for glass breaking and bottle opening? Maybe if I was a beer guzzling hoodlem, but I’m not a hoodlem, and I got a bottle opener. Plus, looks and is bigger. It’s not minimalist if it does things that wallets generally don’t do. Silly.

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