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Victorinox Swiss Army Sentinel One Hand Clip Knife Review And Charlie Dog EDC

Lots of small problems and nit picks with this knife everyone. An unbiased and truthful review of my opinion only. Also featuring charlie dog YAY! Lots of charlie dog for your viewing pleasure!

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6 replies on “Victorinox Swiss Army Sentinel One Hand Clip Knife Review And Charlie Dog EDC”

Polyamide scales are common on the popular 111mm line. In different colours. Widely used and quite durable.

Blade play is very unusual from Victórinox. What you're calling blade play on this knife is not. It is in the design, and not a flaw. Real blade play is a flaw. Unintended.

One hand opening works fine–and I have many Victórinox 111mm one hand opening. The technique comes eventually. But it is not a tactical knife.

I have two Sentinel OHO. Durable. Works well. No blade play problems, or difficulty opening!

Inexpensive and well-made. Long good track record too.

Sentinel OHO w/clip has been under $30 for years. You bought at high-end price. $26 or so if you shop around.

Cheers from a 53 year Victórinox user.

I have that knife but it doesn't have the pocket clip. No blade play but had to deploy and close. I also agree with you. This one is feels very cheap

It seem like this one is ok enough minus the bit of blade play. glad to see the original is gone lol. Charley look peaceful there at the end, my doggo is as well right now. Passed out.

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