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Surefire Tactician 800 Lumen Flashlight Review: Best Tactical EDC Light?

I do some beam comparisons with the Surefire Tactician EDC light, discus it’s features, the interface, and what I think of it overall.

Surefire Tactician Flashlight:

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12 replies on “Surefire Tactician 800 Lumen Flashlight Review: Best Tactical EDC Light?”

All the people in the comments whining that they don’t like James Yeager, they don’t like the clip, they don’t like that it doesn’t take rechargeable batteries or have a clicky tail switch. Don’t buy it then, but all those features were added for a reason. Idk why Yeager prefers bezel up, I think it’s so you can notice if it accidentally turns on so you don’t waste your batteries, and he said it shouldn’t take rechargeable batteries because when they get old they lose their charge faster, and he believes you should have fresh lights in your defensive light. It’s not meant for utility, it’s made for gunfighting. I don’t agree with everything Yeager says, but he designed a damn good tactical flashlight.

I actually have a lot of respect for James Yeager. Someone once posted a video on YouTube that he's a coward, and claimed the video proved it. Instead, it just showed him taking cover behind a Hummer that was being shot at; and refusing to leave the side of a wounded soldier. I guess the fact that he took cover was somehow a cowardly act?? YouTube deleting his first channel was just BS.

However, he does have very strong beliefs regarding certain subjects. And absolutely, stubbornly won't budge on them. (Ask him about his thoughts on civilians buying affordable Gen. 1 night vision gear to add to their systems. Or, even worse, his thoughts on any external safeties on handguns.) This light came about because of his stubbornness. There are tons of lights on the market that can be used for the very same mission the Tactician was designed for. But Yeager won't use anything that isn't SureFire.

Even though, SF has had serious issues in the past. And the company tends to be slow in fixing them when they do pop up. Namely older style E-series clicky tailcaps that used to crack and break on the inside, rendering them useless. The older momentary only E-series tailcaps work perfectly well though. SF re-designed the inside of those clicky tailcaps. Then their once very popular U2 model. A light about 10 years ahead of its time, that began horribly malfunctioning late in its production cycle. Customers getting DOA U2s, or ones that broke very soon afterwards. Sadly SF fixed that issue by simply discontinuing the U2.

Even among SureFire's offerings that can do the very same mission as the Tactician…. Yeager thinks the EDCL2-T is too long for pocket carry (it's not, I own one; I've pocket-carried it with no issue). And that the clip is on the wrong end. Still, you get 1200 lumens out of a light with more reach than the Tactician. The shorter EDCL1-T solves the so-called pocket carry issue. But again, clip is on the "wrong" end. Also, you can tell a difference between 500 vs. 800 lumens. Though from a practical perspective, it's really not a huge one. How about the latest version of the E2DL. You can easily track down an older one that has the bezel-up carry-clip and put that one on there. Now you've got it set up the "right" way. And you've got 1000 lumens instead of 800. But Yeager doesn't like the scallops on that model, and you get a forward clicky switch, instead.

Honestly, the Tactician came about because Yeager is just too darn picky. That's what it boils down to. I've seen guys try to make the Tactician bezel-down carry. With limited success. A better option is just to get the SureFire EDCL2-T instead. You get a brighter light with much better reach. It's not that hard to simply sweep it across in front of you if you need to. As far as the lanyard set-up on the tactician, realistically; when are you going to have the time to stop and wrap it around your hand when a threat immediately presents itself?

NSR just came out with a kydex sheath (bezel down) also amazon has this light now for $89 02/11/19

Looks like a good light but too bad James Yeager said it can only be bezel up when he helped design it. I believe this light is also only non-rechargeable battery capable.

Why 5 lumens low and not the 15 lumens surefire used on the G2 maxvision? 15 is more usable…

Man I wish they would make a hybrid between the tactician and the edc2lt. Make it this size but have the clip, controls and reflector of the 2lt and change the 5 lumens to 20.

Hi Mr gungear I was wondering how these relatively small light such as tactician and edclt2 manage the heat produced do they dim it after a preset amount of time or by a heath sensor
Thank you sir nice review

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