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Schrade SCHF59 Full Tang Carbon Steel Knife Review

The Schrade SCHF59 fixed blade knife is a brand new design featuring 65MN High Carbon Steel, G10 Handle Scales, an ambidextrous thermoplastic sheath with removable ferro rod sleeve. I was fortunate to get the very first one sent for review so you get a sneak peek. I’ll let you know when it is available for sale.

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30 replies on “Schrade SCHF59 Full Tang Carbon Steel Knife Review”

Picked up its little brother (SCHF57) today. Really nice little knife. Might pick up this one next.

Good work, but i think you;re supposed to pull the rod away from the knife, not puck the knife into it..

I just received this knife as a gift from my wife. I love the design and it’s a good feel in my hand. The one main thing I was disappointed with is the fact that the sheath isn’t fully compatible with my Tek Lok holster attachment. There is basically one spot that the Tek Lok will attach. Anywhere else, the grommet holes don’t line up. Hopefully Schrade will reconsider this and possibly change the layout of the holes in the sheath.

Good to see you again Bryan, and another great video. I wish someone would talk Schrade into investing better quality materials into their Old Timer line of knives. Getting a bit tired of them using 7cr17mov on everything for Old Timer because its such a cheap soft steel.

any idea if there is a functional reason why they are using this 65MN over 1095? just wondering if it's better edge retention. Saw a recent vid that, for bushcrafting, higher grade steel is needed. I'm thinking they just needed a price point adjustment to compete with the other small inexpensive bushcrafter knives… using 1095 might have pushed it above 50.00…but at $28.00 on Amazon, this is a great option.

Love the blade finish, ferro rod is a great addition ,that sheath is great and it looks like its a well built knife.

Hi Sir, I enjoyed watching your videos a lot. I recently purchased a set of this SCHF59 and my set does came with a ferro rod scrapper attached to the stretch cord probably that was why they did not put in the sharp 90 degree angle on the spine. But usually if I need the sharp spine, I'll just use a dremel and dremel away the spine for an exposed 90 degree spine. Hahaha…

If your in a survival situation you could always hit the ferro rod with the edge… I know it dulls it, but if you need a fire.. Also there is space to attach a sharpener on the sheath so it could be done…

I know this video is 4 months old…just got knife today and it came with a ferro rod striker attached to rip cord. Schrade is listening? Thank you for vids! Outstanding channel

Hi Bryan! Got mine just today. We finally have them available here in Finland. Feels like a nice companion blade. Seems they now come with a nice beefy 4mm thick striker with the ferro rod. Looks like exactly the same ferro rod we have here available by a Finnish knife brand Marttiini. The rod is bit on the soft side but throws awesome chunks of burning magnesium. Great channel Bryan. You rock! 🙂

my SCHF59 arrives in the mail today.  Hopefully it has the sharper spine.  I did notice it has a white lettered "Schrade" on the blade.  I think I'd prefer the stamp like this video but we'll see.

I like that knife. Such a simple sleek design. Like the ferro rod and belt loop. This might be my next knife purchase!
PS: About the knife not producing good sparks: Try a bit further down the knife, closer to the tip. It looks like there is a secondary bevel (i forget the proper knifemaking term) Sometimes with Schrade knives that area seems to work better than closer to the handle.
Nice video per usual.

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