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American Buffalo Knife & Tool Grunt

A very cool little knife from American Buffalo Knife And Tool.

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11 replies on “American Buffalo Knife & Tool Grunt”

I love my grunt! I slice boxes open with the finger over the whole blade. I have to wear carhartt pants at work so I carry it in my left leg pocket. It gets lots of fidget time while I'm driving to different locations. I got mine for 20 even at a mom n pop shop. He told me to spread the word about em. Hes supposed to have my warthog this week.

A riff on the Pilar, me thinks. I would have liked to have seen that as a size comparison. Battle to the Death?

From your video this seems like a high quality budget secondary carry. I bet this littje knive could be a good user. Think you might compare to pilar? I like this one.

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