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Gear Review – Maxpedition EDC Pouches

I talk about three of the different sizes of the Maxpedition pouches that you can buy to hold your survival and EDC gadgets.

Maxpedition EDC Pouch —

Maxpedition Mini —

Maxpedition Micro —

SOG Flint Multi-Tool —

County Comm Titanium Widgy Pry Bars —

Sheepdog Preparedness
Opening music “Burnt” from the Youtube music library
Closing music “I’m a Believer” – Giant —…)

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Great review thank you.. if anyone can help me i’m a little confused why I’m seeing the fatty pouches for sale today with a different layout inside. Did they change it since this review was made please?

Quick question. Do you think the Mini pouch will stretch enough to hold a 5" long Ultrafire XML T6 zoomable flashlight? At the top of the light, it flares out to 1.5" wide & this pouch says it's only 1" deep. It looks like these pouches expand a good amount. Thxs!!

I carry the Maxpedition Fatty everyday and love it, it's a little bigger than the edc version, holds a ton of gear.

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