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"So sharp it's silly" Kyocera Ceramic Knife Review and demonstration.

I’d researched these ceramic knives and ended up getting one myself. It is the sharpest knife I’ve ever used and should hold its edge much longer than a steel knife.

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The only real use I see for a ceramic knife is I’ve heard it prevents some of the oxidizing/browning when cutting veggies/fruit …

A well maintained steel blade can be as sharp as this ceramic knife! Although you will have to sharpen it often to maintain it's edge. The ceramic can maintain that edge without sharpening, but if it, by some mischance, falls, it breaks very easily due to how hard and inflexible the material is!

I recently got myself a ceramic knife to cut fruit and it is just brutally sharp. It even cuts bread in one stroke. Scary!

i cut myself all the time with my knives. if i had one of these, my fingers would be gone by now. i dont think i will ever get one of these

With a knife that sharp it would be especially important to know how to properly grip a kitchen knife. There's tons of videos on youtube demonstrating proper form when using kitchen knives and it would help you to watch some of them….the way you're holding the knife when you're cutting is dangerous to your fingers.

1. How is it a utility knife, you tard.
2. Try cutting something denser than a pepper, idiot.
3. This is not a review, this is a promotion with no substance!

ceramic blades are miles better than steel blades for 2 main reasons. 1 they retain their sharpness far longer than steel blades. im talking about at least 10:1 and 2 which I actually consider the most important as a chef that uses knives, SAFETY. It seems almost paradoxical how sharp ceramic knives are yet how difficult it is to accidently or even intentionally cut oneself. It's as if the ceramic actively differentiates between human and non-human prior to slicing. I'm kidding but if you regularly use a ceramic knife you too will begin to believe the same. Ceramic knives will undoubtedly be the norm in 5-10 years.

Lol I just got a ceramic knife today. I also agree "Its scary". I'm actually a bit nervous now to cut like I normally do… which is pretty safe… I just feel like… the injury would be a lot worse if I screwed up ahahaha… ah.

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