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Knife review: Marttiini and Brusletto Scandinavian and Nordic knives

Scandinavian fixed outdoor knives are wonderfully purposeful and offer timeless elegance. We look at offerings from Finland (Marttiini Lynx and Marttiini Explorer) and Norway (Brusletto Rognald)

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I have a martiini that is really good, last summer I went to Finland and i got it for 300 € I use it almost every day and it is stainless steel.

Interesting review. Nordic knives are usually very practical and handy. Faroese knives are very decorative.
A lot of comments about what is Scandinavia and not, look at Wikipedia.
Or quite simply it is the three largest of the Nordic countries. What is then the Nordic countries? It is the countries in the north that share either culture or language (root) or history with each other or the memberstates of the Nordic Council  "Its first concrete result was the introduction in 1952 of a common labour market and free movement across borders without passports for the countries' citizens."
 So before EU (EEC) ever made anything like that it was so in the Nordic countries or -Where do you think they got the idea from? Here a nice film about knife making in Finland

Finnish knifes are "rat tail" tang, so the knife runs the full length, but the width is not the same for the blade.

" Puukko " is a finnish word for a traditional finnish knife and only in Finland. I like your quality reviews by the way !

Thanks, great review, these knives look beautiful. I own a Brusletto Nansen (vid on my channel) , the blade keeps a great edge and sharpens easily with sandvik steel.

MrDagon007 I know Scandinavian and mora are NOT FULL TANG Knives I was asking if the one's your show are?? thats all but thank for your time.

@TheWaggaBloke Scandinavian knives are typically NOT full tang. For normal outdoor cutting work, scandinavian knives are perfectly sturdy enough.

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