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Awesome review of the 80's Hollow Handled Survival Knife!!
The world wants to know….”What would survival videos be like if Youtube existed in the 80’s?” Preparedmind101 has your answer. Get to see the raw awesomeness of “The Survivor”….the worlds premier hollow handled survival knife!

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What an idiot….how he handled that knife was stupid… first up The knife isn't full tang. second you don't split wood at all with a knife, you use a fucking hatchet or an Axe or splitter.
remember right tool right job. This guy has clearly never heard this saying.

I am looking for a modern day good quality hollow handle knife like the chris reeve ones without the high price tag

Wow, I had one of these in 1985 and was just as hyped up about it as your pretending to be lol, even had a real leather sheath made for it, then I graduated to a buckmaster 184 in 1986, fun knives but totally unrealistic for practical use, still have the old buckmaster though..

5:29 ( If you find some beers and try to survive outback in the woods I got the special edition with a bottle opener and on top on this my blade is black – molecular steel got to precise- so I wont be spot by any commies )

LOL!!!  Now that was funny!!  I still have mine from the 80's.  It was totally the knife that all the boys wanted!  I used mine camping all the summers long in upstate NY.  It actually never failed me.  Only after the years, the "leather" material fell apart and the liquid in the compass somewhat dried out to the point the compass doesn't really work proper.  Other than that, the knife is still intact.  Mine had the aluminum handle (camo version).  Brings back memories!!  Thanks for the video and great sense of humor!!

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