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TOPS B.O.B. Knife Review: The Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft

This knife review features the Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft (made by TOPS Knives). This knife is a tough, beast of a knife in a compact package. I put the “TOPS B.O.B.” through a lot of work in order to figure out what this knife is all about.

Also, thanks to, the TOPS B.O.B. (the same one I used in my testing) will be part of a giveaway very soon. I working on organizing the specific details for the giveway, so be watching for the giveaway announcement video to roll out very soon.

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Excellent video my friend,would the tops Bob be a good hunting knife for field dressing Deer and rabbits out hunting.Stay safe.

The shango notch on the back of handle……
Chris at prepared mind did it as intended…..
Lay a log down, at the side of your tinder bundle…
Put the knife handle over the log over your tinder bundle,,,
Divot side down….
Put your knee or foot on the knife…
Pull fero rod up scraping the divot side of the shango notch,,
Sparks go down into tinder bundle…..

I got one of those for a survival course and got the dangler sheath. First day out I found the leather dangler that holds the sheath dangling with no sheath or knife. Never found it in the woods looked for hours. Stick with the kydex.

Great review! I agree with everything you said. I have had a BOB for three years and still love it. The lanyard hole is also a bullet extractor, if you want some gun powder for fire (22 caliber/.223/5.56). Don't waste your time practicing with the Shango notch for fero rod striking. It doesn't work well enough to waste time on.

Out of all the reviews you explained the grind with absolute common sense, a great review man. I've thought about getting one for a long time, I also like their Brakimo but that handle is so thin. Your review has actually changed my mind now about getting one of these BOBS…..The 1095 sounds excellent, I'm not to bjg on these expensive knives with super steel. By the time the steel pays for the tools use its a waist IMHO, I'd much rather strop a $100 knife after a good outing than sharpen a $300 cause it finally got dull after a year LOL its much funner😉 Call me weird.
As for 154CM I have the Ontario Blackbird NO THANKS horrible steel for sharpening its a nightmare esp for making the grind your own style. That knife took FOREVER to convex and even now I'm not totally happy with it but it does cut good.
Thanks for the great review😉

Great review man. What are your thoughts, after having used the 1095 version, on the 154cm version they offer now? Longevity wise? Thanks

Great review eh ! I picked up the knife the other after watching your review up here in Canada 🇨🇦 it’s pricy but well worth the money in my books.
And it’s nice to see a review based on real use and not some collector standing on his deck

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